10 Creative Geniuses Named Ken

Creative genius, it often seems, is a gift granted at birth. Those who possess such genius are destined to express the gift, regardless of the career or medium that they pursue in life. For these 10 Kens, creativity comes naturally, and their genius is apparent for the entire world to see.

  • Dr. Ken Hudson – Australia’s leading consultant on innovation and creativity, Dr. Ken Hudson has a PhD in Organizational Creativity (UWS), MBA (UNE) and B.Bus (UTS). Hudson’s own creative genius allows him to quickly identify innovative potential in business, projects and education. Ken has devoted 15 years to studying and harnessing innovation and creativity.
  • Kenneth Price – Ceramics isn’t exactly considered the rock ‘n’ roll of the art world, however, Kenneth Price certainly brought the art form some new respect. This creative genius was fascinated by the ceramic pottery often found in the Americas, and in particular, Tijuana. This would become the inspiration for Price’s celebrated work, Happy’s Curios, which took six years to complete before it found its way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1978 for a dedicated show.
  • Sir Kenneth Robinson – Not content with a knighthood, Sir Kenneth Robinson is the world’s leading champion of creativity in education. Robinson’s “Ted Talk” on the subject received international attention in 2006, when he suggested that schools stifle children’s creativity, instead teaching them only how to be good workers. Sir Ken’s creativity is evident throughout the talk, which is one of the reasons it was so well received by both educators and students alike.
  • Ken  Howard – This British recipient of an OBE is an artist whose obsession with horizontal and vertical lines brings entirely new dimensions to his art. Howard also served as President of the New English Art Club from 1998 until 2003. His work is heavily influenced by the structures and architectures he grew up around in London. Ken is a traditional painter of models and cityscapes, with a particular focus on the use of light.
  • Ken Wilber – A philosopher, writer and creator of what he calls “Integral Theory,” a concept that seeks to create a “theory of everything,” Ken Wilber is regarded as one of the most creative thinkers of our time. The theory aims to unite worldwide philosophies in spirituality, the sciences and psychology. Basically, Wilber’s Integral Theory can be applied to any process in existence – and has been in art, medicine, business and many other areas.
  • Ken Cromar – Ken Cromar adds creativity to everything that he touches. While his main talent lies in his production and directing work, he was also the co-author of the animated feature The Princess and the Pea. Other works that have benefited from Ken’s creative talent include An American Tail, Land Before Time and a number of hugely successful TV infomercials.
  • Ken Levine – One of the most successful game franchises of the last decade has been the Bioshock series, created by Irrational Games. Ken Levine, who is one of the co-founders of the company, is the creative force behind Bioshock, which is a “Game of the Year” recipient. Levine plans on continuing his success with the franchise, announcing future releases that will expand on the already epic plot-line that the title has developed.
  • Ken Blanchard – In the fast paced business world, creativity in management is an essential skill. Not everyone possesses the skill, though, so mediocre managers sometimes need a little help. Enter Ken Blanchard, the award winning author of The One Minute Manager, Leading at a Higher Level and Lead Like Jesus. Levine has a keen insight on how to get creative when managing people, which is why his books are top sellers.
  • Ken Walters – When tragedy strikes, it can often cruelly take so much away from a person. Such was the case for Ken Walters, who was left wheelchair bound after a car accident in 2005. However, from the tragedy, Walters discovered a hidden artistic talent that would lead the former engineer to a new career in digital design. He now owns a software company, and also works with major console game creators, EA Games.
  • Ken Russell – Once described as “England’s Orson Welles,” Ken Russell is a much loved and remembered director of films. Russell died in November of 2011 after suffering a number of strokes, and the movie industry immediately banded together to celebrate his life in film. Best known for his flamboyance and use of powerful imagery, Ken Russell is regarded by many as one of the most creative and visionary artists in cinematic history.