10 Famous Fashion Designers Named Ken

Fashion design is a tough business, and only the very best can hope to make a mark in such a ruthless world. It takes commitment, passion and drive, along with a tough hide and determination to succeed. It is not an industry that is suited to everyone. Many who truly believed they had what it takes to make it have fallen before they even reached the catwalk. However, the ten elite names on this list will live on in fashion history. They have all made their mark on the fashion world, and they are all named Ken.

  • Ken Scott – Notorious for his psychedelic designs, Ken Scott was a pioneer of a number of styles. He was one of the first designers to showcase calf-length skirts way back in the ‘60s when such displays of human flesh were frowned upon by the wider public. It was a sad loss for the world when Ken Scott died in 1991, at the age of 72.
  • Ken Lawrence – Lawrence is a designer from Birmingham, Alabama who has already made waves in the Southern U.S. with his “House of DeVinci” Range. However, not satisfied with the success of his first endeavor, Lawrence has now launched another designer range under his own name, which he says will eclipse the “DeVinci” range.
  • Kenneth Cole – A prominent figure in the world of shoes, Kenneth Cole has long been the darling of socio-political fashionistas. His public support of AIDS awareness and research in the 1980s – a time when the subject was still taboo in the public domain – won him a legion of devoted fans. The designer is still a prominent activist, having recently challenged the status quo that pits teachers against student education with a satirical billboard that stated, “Shouldn’t Everyone Be Well Red?”
  • Kenneth D. King – This designer’s work is so timeless that it is permanently displayed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. King is perhaps most famous for his “leafy” collection, however, he has also won great acclaim for his original three “lines of inquiry” collection of leafing and cutwork, which he considers one of his crowning achievements in the fashion world.
  • Ken Downing – As the fashion director of luxury department store Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing is a powerhouse in the fashion industry. In April of 2013 it was announced that Downing would be the recipient of the prestigious Westphal Award – a reward that honors those who have made a significant contribution to the fashion industry. Although he is not center stage on the catwalk, you can be sure that Ken Downing’s place is cemented in the history of fashion.
  • Barbie’s Ken – The significant other of world famous doll Barbie, Ken is a fashion powerhouse in his own right. He has donned a pirate outfit to sail the seven seas, played prince to the courts of many a land and had a hippie phase during the 60s, among other things.  When it comes to fashion, this doll is never behind the times and so takes his rightful place on this list.
  • Ken Chu – This world traveling fashion designer was born in Massachusetts before going on to live in Hong Kong, China, New York and Paris. He has had work displayed in New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue. Chu’s style of design is a mixture of American, European and Asian elegance, which reflects his deep and diverse experiences of the many cultures he has come to call his own.
  • Kenneth Beatrice – Although not the designer in this case, Kenneth Beatrice does take the name from a significant figure in the designer’s life. The company is branded after founder Chelsie Ravenell’s uncle, Kenneth, and grandmother, Beatrice. The modern designer credits both relatives as being the inspiration behind his success; making the label name the perfect homage to his childhood heroes.
  • Kenny – Lindsay Sternberg is the owner of Kenny in LA, which is named for her late father. Besides the name, Sternberg draws much of the inspiration for the brand from other family members, including her mother and grandmother. The company was established in 2009, however, Lindsay has worked tirelessly, traveling all over the world to drive the brand to bigger and better things.
  • Ken Chow – The founder and lead designer for Krane, Ken Chow has roots in art and graphic design. The young designer incorporates much of his base talent in his clothing designs, giving each garment a unique look and feel. Ken has created a range of menswear with a distinctly vintage look mixed with many of the styles of today.