10 Famous Rock Stars Named Ken

The life of a rock star is one that only a select few ever get to experience, and there really is no loftier position when it comes to fame and stardom. They come to the stage late, leave early and the fans still go wild for more. It is often said that rock stars are born, not made. If that’s the case, then it stands to reason that the name chosen for them could have quite the impact on their success later in life. The parents of these 10 rock stars must have predicted the path their sons would take, which would explain why they chose to name them Ken.

  • Elton John – Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Elton John went on to become a worldwide superstar. His rock classics include “Saturday Night (alright for fighting)”, “Rocket Man” and “Crocodile Rock.” John, however, had his greatest success with the reworking of “Candle in the Wind”, which he dedicated to his good friend Princess Diana upon her death.
  • Kenny Loggins – Kenny is better known for his soft-rock music. He has performed a duet with Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and collaborated with Michael McDonald. He also earned the title of King of the 1980’s Movie Soundtrack after working on Hollywood blockbusters such as “Footloose”, “Over the Top” and “Top Gun.”
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd – This young blues guitarist proved he had real staying power when he earned the record for longest-running album on the Billboard Blues Charts. The album in question was Shepherd’s second solo effort, “Trouble Is.” He is also married to Mel Gibson’s daughter Hannah, and the couple have three children together.
  • Kenney Jones – Not many rock stars can boast having played with Small Faces, Faces and The Who. However, Kenneth Thomas Jones is a stalwart in the rock music industry. As well as being a full-time member of three of the greatest rock bands in history, Jones has also collaborated with The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and David Essex, among others.
  • Ken – This Ken is so rock and roll that he doesn’t even need a surname. Ken is the lead guitarist of Japanese rock band, L’Arc-en-Ciel. His writing style has heavily influenced the bands output since he joined, and he is responsible for hit tracks such as “As if in a Dream”, “Vivid Colors” and “Niji.” In 2010, Ken was approached by Fender and agreed to an endorsement, which helped boost his exposure to a global audience.
  • Ken Hensley – Keyboard players may get a bad rap, but they provide a valuable element to many of the greatest rock songs. Hensley’s main claim to fame was his stint with the band Uriah Heep in the 70s. He has since worked with a number of bands, including W.A.S.P., and has had a successful solo career, too. Ken has also reunited with former Uriah Heep band member, John Lawton, for a number of one-off performances.
  • Ken Vandermark – Better known for his jazz performances, Vandermark also dallied with punk and rock when he was part of a band named The Vandermark 5. He is an exceptional saxophone and clarinet player, and was a mainstay in the Chicago jazz scene during the 90s. Vandermark received a $265,000 MacArthur Fellowship in 1999, which gave him the freedom to concentrate on making the music that he loved, sans any financial boundaries.
  • Kenny Rogers – Everyone knows that Kenny Rogers is a country music star. However, what is often forgotten is that he was once a rock star, too. He sang lead vocals and played bass guitar with a rock band named The First Edition. The band was first formed in 1967 and effectively split in 1975, when Rogers began what would become a successful solo career.
  • Ken Boothe – One of the most respected names in reggae and ska, Ken Boothe is well known across a number of other genres, too. He reached number one in the U.K. charts with his hit, “”Everything I Own” in 1974. Boothe has released over 25 solo albums in his career – not including compilations – and owes much of his success to his ability to easily cross over from reggae to soft rock without compromising his image.
  • Kenneth “K.K.” Downing – When it comes to rock, it doesn’t get much heavier than metal pioneers Judas Priest. Kenneth “K.K.” Downing, one of the founding members of the band and a Grammy-winning guitarist, is responsible for the licks that propelled songs like “Hellbent for Leather” and “Living After Midnight” to the top of every metalhead’s list.