10 iPhone Apps for Recording & Editing Audio

fireIf you know me at all you know that I love my iPhone 5 and that I enjoy making stop motion and other movies with it.  However, once I have made the vid I have to decide how to deal with the audio for the newly created short.  I’ll be honest, I’m still experimenting with different applications like FiRe and FourTrack, but here is a list of 10 interesting applications that I have looked into recently with some basic descriptions of each:

  1. VC Audio Pro – VeriCorder Technology’s $6.99 VC Audio Pro app was designed for broadcasters, but is a powerful and functional tool for anyone that needs to record and edit audio with their iPhone. With multi-track editing capability, a sound mixer, clip arranger and a volume curve, there’s little this app can’t do in terms of on-the-go sound editing.
  2. Recorder & Editor ~ iSaidWhat?! – Record anything you hear and then edit it with the built-in features of the $2.99 Recorder & Editor app, which allows for cutting, arranging and sharing as well as microphone sensitivity adjustment. Share your work through email, Facebook and Twitter or send files to DropBox for backup with this fun and functional app.
  3. Voxie Pro Recorder – Highly rated and well-reviewed, Bottle Rocket’s $4.99 Voxie Pro Recorder is designed to collect dictation, voice notes and group messaging audio information. A touchable waveform makes navigation simple and quick, while the unrestricted file size lets you record for as long as you need to.
  4. MultiTrack DAW – Musicians are no longer restricted to a full studio if they want to record, edit and release their songs for the world to hear. This $9.99 app allows you to record multiple takes with up to 24 tracks, as well as move and trim audio until the arrangement is perfect.
  5. GarageBand – Whether you’re a multi-instrumentalist with a feel for music in all of its forms or an advanced beginner with a great ear, you can record and edit songs of your own creation using the Touch Instruments of GarageBand for iPhone. For $4.99, you can conduct an orchestra, create an entire song of your own imagining or use the Jam Session feature to play as an ensemble with your friends.
  6. Hindenburg Field Recorder – At $29.99, the Hindenburg Field Recorder app has a price point that could restrict its scope to only dedicated professional users, but it does offer a wealth of features and capabilities that make it a worthwhile investment. Non-destructive editing tools offer full undo and redo capabilities, along with a full complement of features for trimming, moving and making changes.
  7. Pocket WavePad – This free app is a powerful one, especially when you take its low price into consideration. Record anything you hear, then edit and add the effects until you’ve created the ideal project. No matter what you’re recording, this app offers the tools you need to make the most of it.
  8. Hokusai Audio Editor – Another free but impressively featured app, the Hokusai Audio Editor has received rave reviews from TouchProducer.com and iOS Music and You. Edit several tracks side-by-side and mix them together, then export to WAV or mp4 format. The same pinch and swipe gestures that you use to navigate your iPhone’s native features are used within the app, adding to the intuitive interface and ease of use.
  9. TwistedWave Audio Editor – Recording audio and adding effects is easy with this $9.99 app, and you can export files in WAV, AIFF, CAF and AAC supported-formats and import or export with iTunes file sharing. Support for Apple Lossless, a-law and u-law codecs makes it easy to create and edit high-quality audio files.
  10. studio.HD – Record 24 tracks of audio to edit, loop, mix and add effects with this $9.99 app from Sound Trends LLC. Record your inspirations as they come to you, rather than losing integral ideas on your way to a studio. This app gives you the power to capture the music you create from anywhere you happen to be.

I haven’t really nailed down the right application(s) for my personal use, but I’ll definitely keep trying them and experimenting with different microphones and equipment.  As I learn more, I’ll keep you updated and as always, I would LOVE to hear your suggestions and/or more about your personal experiences with any of these or other iPhone applications for recording and editing audio.