10 iPhone Apps to Help You Track Your Favorite Team’s Stats

atbatKeeping up with the demands of a busy professional life and a balanced personal life can be a challenge, and may not leave you with enough time to watch all of your favorite teams compete in their respective sports. These 10 iPhone apps can help you track scores and achievements when you’re not able to tune into live events and allow you to watch your favorite teams compete while you’re on the go!

  1. MLB.com At Bat – From Spring Training to the World Series, the Major League Baseball season is long and sometimes arduous. Get your off-season fix while you’re waiting for the new season to begin, including archives of classic games filled with historic moments in baseball. When the season begins, MLB.com At Bat keeps you up to date on all the movers and shakers in pro baseball, with Gameday Audio, video highlights, news and live look-ins. Never miss the results of a big game again!
  2. theScore Mobile – This free app has been named one of Apple’s Amazing Apps for iPhone 5 and is a member of the App Store Essentials Hall of Fame. Whether you’re following all of your favorite teams as a fan or monitoring the performance of your fantasy players, this app delivers all the scoring and statistical information you need to stay on top of each and every game.
  3. Ultimate Fight Fan: Top MMA, Strikeforce & Ultimate Fighting news & videos – If you like your sports a bit more on the full-contact side, the free Ultimate Fight Fan is the app for you. Keep up with your favorite fighters’ win/loss stats and match information. The app grants access to the official UFC Facebook wall and MMA News, along with headlines, upcoming fight card, match recaps and promotional videos to keep you pumped for the next fight.
  4. Pro Football Insider – The NFL fan is in a league all of its own, which is why this free pro football-dedicated app is a must have for any die-hard supporter. Quick access to stats, standings and schedules keeps you up to date on the teams you support, while integrated Twitter feeds allow you to see what your favorite players, experts and analysts are saying about the big game.
  5. FOX Sports Mobile – If you are a multi-sport fan supporting lots of teams across several leagues, this free app may streamline your approach to stats and standings tracking. With support for motorsports, MMA, boxing, soccer, tennis, golf, NHL, NBA, WNBA, men’s and women’s NCAA Basketball, MLB, NFL and NCAA football, Fox Sports Mobile keeps you in the loop at all times. Users can also access information from exclusive analysts and FOX Sports writers.
  6. ESPN College Football – College football lies somewhere between sport and religion for devotees, which is why this free app offers year-round press updates, highlights and full coverage. When the season starts, stay informed as the big plays happen with scoring alerts and keep an eye on your customizable scoreboards to make sure that you’re always in the NCAA Football loop.
  7. ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 – If your favorite football team is a fantasy team, then this is the app for you. With push notifications for scoring plays, substitutions and injuries, you can manage your fantasy team with ease, no matter where you are.
  8. NASCAR Mobile ‘13 – Some teams manipulate a ball, while others dominate a race track. Fans of NASCAR racing shouldn’t overlook this free app, which offers year-round coverage of everything from the Sprint Cup to the Camping World Truck series. Keeping up with your favorite drivers’ performances is a snap with NASCAR Mobile, even if you do miss the adrenaline rush of seeing the big win happen.
  9. WatchESPN – Sometimes you just have to see the game, even if you’re going to be on the road or away from a television. That’s where this free app comes in handy, offering you unfettered access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU. If ESPN is part of your cable package at home, you can watch from wherever you happen to be on your iPhone.
  10. Yahoo! Sportacular – An App Store Essential, inductee of the App Store Hall of Fame and named one of the App Store Great Free Apps, Yahoo! Sportacular delivers updates, breaking news, scores and stats quickly and efficiently, helping you keep up with the stats of your favorite teams and individual players.

No matter which sports you follow and which teams you support, there’s an iPhone app out there that will help you keep up with all the news, stats and developments relevant to their performance. There’s very little that these 10 can’t keep up with, but in case one doesn’t fit your needs, there’s also an App Store filled-to-bursting with quality sports apps for the die-hard fan.