10 Kens Famous for Their Tattoo Art

KenphotoMore and more people are jumping on the tattoo bandwagon it seems.  Several of my friends have recently gotten their first ink and they are all in their 40’s.  However, while tattoos may be increasingly common, talented tattoo artists certainly aren’t a dime a dozen. These ten have more in common than just their names; they’re also well respected tattooists who’ve made their mark on many a human canvas.

  1. Ken Cameron – With more than twenty years of experience under his belt, Ken Cameron is one of the most popular flash designers in North America. His flash sheets hang in more than five thousand shops across the continent, meaning that people who have never even met Ken are wearing his designs. He does travel the convention circuit quite heavily, so keep an eye out for him at a stop near you.
  2. Ken Broken – Ken Broken is the owner and primary artist at New York’s famed Fiction Tattoo shop, with more than a decade of experience inking skin. He specializes in realistic portraiture, black and gray work and custom designs with a futuristic flavor.
  3. Ken Dean – Ken Dean, of Pino Bros. Ink in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a tattoo artist whose work adorns Ivy Leaguers and street punks alike. He’s been working within the industry since 1987, tattooing everyone from Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne to Paul Bostaph of Slayer and Jerry Montano of Danzig. As one of the premier tattooists to the stars, this is one Ken whose canvases are as famous as his work.
  4. Krooked Ken – When it comes to famous Kens in the tattoo game, you can’t miss the world famous Krooked Ken. Working since 1994 and specializing in traditional tattoos with bold color and heavy shading, Krooked Ken is one of the most popular artists in the Maryland area. Find him at Black Anchor Tattoo for a bit of permanent retro flair.
  5. Ken Deft – Ken Deft is a tattooist at Orlando’s famous Black Chapel Tattoo Studio. Specializing in modern tattoos with bold, bright colors, Ken Deft is one of the the Orlando area’s most sought-after artists.
  6. Kenny Buck – A Chicago native, Kenny Buck is a neo-traditional new school artist who specializes in bold lines an bright colors. His flash is wildly popular, which means that you may be familiar with his work even if you’ve never heard his name. An acclaimed tattooist since 2001, Kenny Buck is one of the most well-known artists in the Carpentersville, Illinois area.
  7. Ken Hoffa – Not only a famous tattoo artist, Ken Hoffa is also an illustrator and painter whose work has been met with acclaim. His grasp of color application is impressive, but his work in portraiture is what sets him above other tattooists in his area.
  8. Kenneth Bryan – The lead tattooist and owner of Intimate Body Art Studios in Pennsylvania, Kenneth Bryan is an award-winning artist who’s wildly popular on the tattoo convention circuit. His work has been featured in Tattoo Magazine, International Tattoo Art Magazine and Tabu.
  9. Ken Jago – An international award winner, this Sault St. Marie tattooist has more than twenty-five years of experience who provides exceptional custom work for his clients. From cover-ups to brand new pieces, Ken Jago is an accomplished artist whose clientèle is comprised largely of dedicated regulars.
  10. Ken Fisher – With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Cornell College, Ken Fisher is one of Oregon’s leading tattooists. His work can be found in Tattoo Flash Magazine, Tattoo Savage Magazine, and Skin and Ink Magazine. His work is heavily influenced by classic design but retains elements of new school style, coming together to form a look that’s uniquely Ken Fisher’s.