10 Kens With Famously Funny Tweets on Twitter

kennyhamiltonIn the Twitterverse, it’s all about how many followers you have. Some of the most successful people on Twitter use humor as a way to keep their followers engaged. However, before you start thinking you’re going to become the next famous Twitter comedian, you should know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. With only 140 characters or less to work with, you need to keep your tweets short and succinct, while leaving enough room for the punch-line. These 10 Kens have mastered the art, so make sure to check them out for your daily does of Twitter comedy gold.

  • Kenny Hamilton – Justin Bieber’s former bodyguard and now road manager, Kenny Hamilton, had this to say recently on Twitter; “Last time KobeBryant took 8 months off he was in the womb!” Obviously, Kenny’s talents stretch beyond being the hired muscle for young Bieber, as when he’s not posting funny tweets, he’s the right-hand man to the world’s most famous pop star.
  • Ken Jennings – If it’s not good enough that he’s the recipient of the longest winning streak on Jeopardy and is a successful writer, Ken Jennings, it seems, has a sense of humor too. He often posts gems like this for his adoring followers: “Look you can spell yeah as “ya” in texts & emails if you want. Just like I can forever imagine you talking in Swedish Chef voice if I want.”
  • Ken Rogerson – Comedian Ken Rogerson is a keen observer of life, and often shares the funnier side of the news on his Twitter account. When a 73-year-old woman was caught selling marijuana, Ken couldn’t resist having a dig with this gem: “73 yr old woman busted for selling pot. Mommy says smoking is bad for your health Grandma. Why are you laughing?”
  • Ken Freedman – DJ Ken Freedman is a professional cynic, which is clearly evident from this tweet: “Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies locked inside the walk-in freezer.”
  • Ken Baker – Who better to ask for a critique of dairy treats than Ken Baker, fashion writer for ENews? Baker often shares his views on fame, fashion and weight loss via his Twitter account. However, he took time out to enjoy the finer things in life, with this profound observation; “This whipped cream would be a lot edgier if it were called “whooped” cream.”
  • Ken Anderson – You can always trust a pro-wrestler to court controversy. Ken Anderson is constantly on hand to provoke a reaction, but the wink at the end is to let you know that he’s really not such a heel. Or is he? “It’s so freakin cold in the Midwest right now that I just saw a gaggle of liberals walking with their hands in their OWN pockets! 😉 ba dump.” No actual liberals were body-slammed in the writing of this tweet.
  • Ken Davis – Comedian Ken Davis has some valuable advice for his followers. “I learned a life changing lesson today. Do not keep your earplugs in the same pocket as your vitamins.” If that left a bad taste in your mouth, don’t worry, Ken’s act is strictly tongue in cheek.
  • Ken Garr – They make you laugh and brighten up your day, but comedians are also on hand to provide product and service reviews in 140 characters or less. Ken Garr shares his appraisal of Frontier Airlines with his Twitter followers: “I think they call it frontier airlines because they used these planes to settle the frontier.”
  • Ken McGraw – If you ever find that you can’t quite articulate what you’re feeling, take a page out of Ken McGraw’s book. He certainly has a way with words, as is evident in this hilarious self-evaluation; “If my self-esteem had a sound…It would be the last slurp of a strawberry milkshake on a Saturday night.”
  • deKenstruction – He does voice overs, is self-effacing and is an all-round funny guy. So don’t take this tweet from deKenstruction too seriously. “The amount of time it takes you to turn off the garbage disposal once it’s obvious that you’re grinding a fork is all the IQ test I need.”