10 of the Most Photographed Kens in History

kendollSome people are just made for the camera, and they know it. When you have the kind of face people want to see again and again, the entertainment industry is not a bad career path to choose. However, not everyone who courts the camera does so out of vanity. Some of the most photographed people in history find themselves in front of the camera simply because of who they are and their contributions to society. These 10 Kens have been photographed thousands of times, although they are all in the public eye for completely different reasons.

  • Ken Carson – He may live in the shadow of his better half, Barbie, but Ken “doll” Carson has had his fair share of the limelight. With his sharp, chiseled good looks, the Ken doll is instantly recognizable all over the world. In fact, type the name Ken into Google image search and the jet-setting doll all but dominates the results page.
  • Ken Wilber – As a noted public speaker and author, Ken Wilber is no stranger to posing in front of a camera. His book A Brief History of Everything propelled Ken into the public eye and set the stage for a successful career in public speaking. Wilder’s theories on human spirituality and psychology are celebrated the world over.
  • Kenneth K.P. Guidroz – The next time you see a male model on a billboard, you may just be gazing upon the body and face of Kenneth K.P. Guidroz. The young male model is a hot property in the advertising industry, and has modeled for the clothing, sports and motor-vehicle industries. Ken also aspires to become an actor, and with a face that’s made for the big screen, he’s sure to go places.
  • Ken Carter – The late Ken Carter was a Canadian stunt driver, who sadly lost his life during a second attempt to jump a pond in Peterborough, Ontario. During his career, Carter provided opportunities for some of the most spectacular photographs ever taken. Carter kept audiences on the edge of their seats as he took his vehicles to ever increasing speeds and heights until his death in 1983.
  • Kenneth Branagh – The world’s most famous thespian named Ken, Branagh is used to being photographed everywhere he goes. Although he is best known for his on-screen roles, Kenneth Branagh is never more comfortable than when he is on stage. The actor’s Shakespearian roles are his crowning achievement, and continue to draw large audiences to theaters across the globe.
  • Justin Jedlica – He has been dubbed the living Ken doll, which gives Justin Jedlica plenty of opportunities to pose for the camera. The young model has spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery in an effort to achieve the perfect look. However, his recent feud with the real life Barbie has, perhaps, brought Justin more attention than he ever expected. Rumor has it that upon meeting, the two models took an instant dislike to each other. The feud is still raging on, with the title for most photogenic real life doll on the line.
  • Ken Dodd – With a career that spans decades, British Comedian Ken Dodd is used to the bright lights of the stage. Before there were smartphones, Dodd was playing shows where audiences would smuggle in cameras with huge battery packs and attachable flashes to match. Things have changed, but Ken Dodd still has audiences rolling in the aisles at his sellout shows. That’s not bad at all for a man in his 80s.
  • Ken Shamrock – Having spent time performing for audiences in both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, Ken Shamrock has always been front and center for photo opportunities. Labeled the most dangerous man in the world, Shamrock is an ex-UFC champion and MMA Hall of Famer. Though he is now retired from the fighting game, Ken is still involved in the sport as a presenter and pundit.
  • Kenneth “K.K.” Downing – He is a founding member of legendary rock band, Judas Priest. K.K. Downing knows how to own the stage, thrilling fans and sending them home with treasured photographs of a rocking night of entertainment. Kenneth is also a Grammy winner, and currently describes himself as “semi-retired.”
  • Reginald Kenneth Dwight – When your name is Elton John, you can’t expect to go anywhere without a well-informed paparazzi nipping at your heels. Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Elton John is without a doubt one of the most photographed Kens in history. Judging by his flamboyant outfits and on-stage antics, Elton certainly seems to appreciate the attention.