10 Twitter Feeds Every Nanny Should Follow

nannybirdTwitter has 500 million total users, and more than 200 million of those are active. That means you’re probably on Twitter or know someone who is. And while the service gets written off as an echo chamber or a stream of mindless chatter, that’s a misrepresentation of what it can really offer. There are so many great resources for smart news and opinion for plenty of professionals, including nannies. Here are some accounts to follow if you want to stay on top of nanny news and childcare tips:

@IntlNannyAssoc: This is the official feed for the International Nanny Association, which has focused on training and education for childcare professionals since the 1980s. Their feed is a great way to stay up to date on news, trends, reports, and case studies in the nanny industry.

@janetlansbury: Janet Lansbury runs a childcare site and teaches RIE parenting classes in Los Angeles. She’s an active presence on Twitter, regularly responding to tweets and engaging in broad conversations about childcare and best practices. She also tweets interesting links and stories from the nanny world.

@healthychildren: This is the official account for HealthyChildren.org, a parenting website from the American Academy of Pediatrics. They tweet on a pretty regular basis, and their dispatches make for great reading for nannies looking to learn more about medicine, health, and wellness for children. They regularly post links to their blog articles, and they also chat with and retweet professionals.

@Annie_Fox: Annie Fox is an expert on tweens and teens, age groups that can be particularly flummoxing for childcare. Her books have dealt with vital issues like setting good habits for children and teaching them about bullies. She doesn’t just promote her own material, though. She regularly tweets great links that cover childcare news, tips for activities to do with kids, and more. It’s a great resource for nannies, not just parents or educators.

@parentsmagazine: Parents magazine is part of an empire that includes American Baby and Family Fun, so you know they’ve got their bases covered when it comes to childcare. Their Twitter account (which boasts more than 725,000 followers) is a must for anybody who wants a steady stream of news and advice for dealing with kids of all ages. Tips for new parents are still great reminders for you, especially if your employer gets pregnant.

@USAChildCare: This is the feed for Child Care Aware of America, a national group focused on providing access to childcare to communities across the country. They talk frequently about the intersection of childcare and public policy, which makes them a solid resource for nannies looking to learn more about their industry and stay abreast of new laws that could affect their jobs. They also promote regular webinars on a ton of topics, including child safety and seasonal issues.

@NAEYC: Based in Washington, D.C., the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is a major advocate for early childhood education, from birth to age 8. Their Twitter feed isn’t just conferences and seminar info, though. They offer great tips like where to find great summer learning opportunities and how reading can improve social skills. Follow their feed to stay plugged in with the latest nanny-related issues.

Pinterest: Being a nanny means being on an almost constant hunt for activity ideas, and there’s probably no better repository of ideas out there than Pinterest. With more than 1.4 million followers, odds aren’t great that they’ll tweet back at you if you tweet at them, but you’re better off using them as a resource than chatting partner. They regularly tweet craft and activity ideas that are perfect for nannies and families, so check back regularly to see if they’ve got more good stuff for you. And, as always, there’s Pinterest.com.

@JillsGoodThings: This is the feed for One Good Thing by Jillee, a blog that covers household tips, cooking, childcare, and pretty much everything else you could want. The tweets are a combination of how-tos, inspirational lines, and links to fantastic articles with recipes, kid advice, and more. Great for scanning.

@HappyHomeFairy: HappyHomeFairy.com won a 2013 award from Parents magazine for its home tips. It’s a direct, honest blog about childrearing that’s packed with tips, activities, and exercises that are perfect for nannies as well as moms and dads. The Twitter feed is an easy way to stay on top of all the great posts and dip into the older ones, as well.