21 Blogs with Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

steakAs the weather warms up and the sun stays out a little longer each day, spending time holed up in the kitchen cooking dinner sounds less and less appealing. Instead of slaving away over a stove, get outdoors and fire up the grill! Steaks hot off the grill paired with fresh, flavorful produce creates the perfect summer meal. Whether you have a charcoal grill, a gas grill or no grill at all, you can find out how to cook the perfect steak in these 21 blog posts.

Over Charcoal

Some diehard steak grillers will tell you that that the only way to cook a steak is on a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills are easily accessible and inexpensive to buy, and they give foods the smoky, rich flavor that a gas grill can’t replicate.  In these seven blog entries you will learn how to prepare your charcoal and how long to cook your steaks to ensure each bite is tender and flavorful.

Over Gas

While grilling purists will tell you that charcoal is the only way to go, others will tell you that if you cook the steak properly the ease and convenience of a gas grill is a perfect choice.  You can quickly turn on your gas grill and be grilling in 5 to 10 minutes instead of having to wait for the charcoal to get to the right temperature.  Follow the tips in these seven blogs for grilling steak on a gas grill that rivals that done on a charcoal one.

Other Methods

Just because you live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to have a grill, doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfect steak at home.  Grab yourself a properly seasoned cast iron skillet and get it screaming hot on top of your stove for a seared steak that is just as good as if it were done on the grill.  The tips in these seven blog articles will help you achieve a perfect steak without a grill.