24 Blogs with Things You Can Do to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

puzzleAs you age your brain begins to shrink naturally.  However, if you eat right and stay active you can actually reverse the shrinkage.  Another way to keep your brain sharp is by using your brain to do puzzles that will challenge you.  You can also take a class.  When you are learning something new, you are using a different part of your brain, and in essence you are exercising your mind.  One of the easiest ways to keep your brain sharp is to stay socially active, whether it’s in person or online.  These 24 blog entries will give you some more ideas of things you can do to keep your brain in tip top shape.


Some people enjoy doing crosswords and other puzzles and complete them regularly.  If that’s you, it’s important that you change things up and try something new.  If you can create new pathways in your brain, you will be the better for it.  Try Sudoku or a word find.  Maybe you could take up playing chess.  The logic required to strategize in chess will really stretch your brain muscle.  If you don’t do puzzles now, you might take up the hobby.  Take a look at these six blog posts for more ideas on games that will keep you sharp.

Keep Learning

It’s important that you never stop learning.  When your mind is idle you may start to lose the ability to remember and retrieve information.  You are never too old to learn a new language or to take a class.  Think about things you’ve always wanted to learn and find a class where you can learn it.  Even reading a book about something new will help to keep your mind sharp.  Check out the following six blogs for more ideas on how you can continue to learn.

Stay Active

Exercise produces a chemical in your body that helps keep your brain young according to Dr. Edgerly from Columbia University.  He and his team have performed many studies regarding exercise and the effects of aging on the brain.  When you are sedentary you are not getting as much oxygen to your brain, which is needed to keep you alert and sharp.  By looking at these six blogs, you may find just the information that you need to encourage you to get up and move.

Be Social

It may sound funny that one way to keep your brain sharp is to go socialize with your friends, but it’s true.  Having a lively conversation with a friend or even the guy at the hardware store is one way to stimulate your brain.  If you are unable to get around, you might try signing up for Facebook online.  By posting once a day and reading other people’s posts you are being social and staying connected.  These six blog articles will give you some other ideas on how to be social.

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