27 Blogs with Tips for Getting the Most Out of Running

runningBecause all you really need is a good pair of running shoes and a road, running is the preferred cardio choice for many. Not only does it strengthen your heart, but it also torches calories, aids in weight loss and, according to webMD.com, a regular running routine can help fight heart disease. Running also releases endorphins, which can help combat depression. Many people swear by running as a stress reliever, and use the time spent pounding the pavement to work out problems and think things through. The benefits you get from running are impressive, and these 27 blog posts will help you get started on a running regimen or improve what you are already doing.

Tips for Beginners

It’s important to know how to run properly when you are first getting started.  Take it slow and don’t push yourself too much at the beginning.  The last thing you want to do is get injured or be so sore that you quit running.  If you are currently not exercising at all, you may want to start by walking and work your way up to a run.  These and other tips are shared on these nine blog entries.

Tips to Improve

Most runners are continually looking for ways that they can improve as a runner, whether it’s increasing speed or distance, running a first race or improving your form.  These nine blog articles are full of tips for improving your running.

Tips about What to Eat

Figuring out what to eat before, during and after a run is very dependent on how your body responds to different foods.  There used to be a big push that encouraged runners to carb load the night before a big run so that they would have the fuel to make it through the entire run, but more recently there have been some changes to that recommendation. In reality, you need to be eating in a healthy way all of the time, and there is no need to drastically change what you eat the night before a big run. For more fueling information, read the next nine posts.