30 Blogs With the Best Asthma Care Plans for Elementary School Children

asthmacareElementary school children who suffer from asthma are at risk from a number of factors. Everything from the products you use at home, the air outside and at school and even parental stress levels can have an effect on the child’s health. As a parent, you can have a huge impact on how your child copes with his asthma, especially when he’s at school and you’re not there to offer the assistance he needs. To help you improve your child’s quality of life, these 30 blogs cover a range of areas where you can make changes, both at home and school, in an attempt to build an asthma care plan.

Government and Support Groups

Government and support groups are great sources for asthma care plans and new initiatives. These groups provide the latest information on causation, treatment and medication. You can also find out how to contact local support and advice groups, or even start a local community group for other parents of asthma sufferers. To help keep you up to date on all your asthma news, follow these five blogs.

Cleaning and Products

While eliminating dust, mites and other asthma triggers from your home is a good thing, some cleaning methods and products actually exacerbate attacks. In most instances it is easy to identify products that are acting as asthma triggers. However, some products may not cause symptoms to appear for days or even weeks after they are used. Find out which cleaning methods and products are most friendly to asthma sufferers in these five blogs. You may even need to bring a list of known triggers to school administrators to determine what products are used within the building, and the information here can help to bolster your case.

Clean Air Plans

Air pollution is a major trigger of asthma attacks for people of all ages. While there is very little that you, as an individual, can do about external factors, you can provide a clean environment within the home. There are a number of options for purifying the air in your home; however, systems can range in price from $40 to $900 or more. The system that you should choose will wholly depend on the severity of your child’s condition. For more information on air purification, have a look at these five blogs.

Medication and Care

Obviously your doctor should always act as your first port of call for advice on medication and care. However, you can’t easily bookmark your doctor for later reference. With that said, there are some great resources out there to keep you informed on alternative support for children with asthma, too. Regardless of the source, always check with your doctor to ensure that any medication or recommended treatment is safe. Here are five blogs that offer great advice on managing and treating children who suffer from asthma.

Asthma and Schools

Having a child with asthma, it is your job to educate the educators. Schools are often inadequately equipped to offer support or even the right environment for sufferers. Cleanliness and air purity are just two areas where schools can improve with a little encouragement from well-educated parents. These five blogs will help you better communicate your child’s needs to his school, and ensure that he can learn in a safe and healthy environment.

Stress Related Asthma Attacks

If you weren’t aware of the connection before, make it a point to educate yourself on the relationship between stress and increased asthma attacks now. A stressful environment is never a good thing, but it is especially detrimental to children who suffer from asthma. If you think that stress is a factor in you or your child’s life, follow the advice in these five blogs.