5 Things You Don’t Know About Acting in a Movie

We just wrapped up filming JUNKIE, a feature film starring Christian Kane, Anna Easteden, Eve Mauro, and directed by the great Tim Russ.  I play a character by the name of Sonny Cole who is a thug/bad guy that wreaks havoc on others beating people, tying them up, shooting them and much more.  The filming completed in 14 days which was ahead of schedule and incredibly efficient.  Here are just 5 of the many things that you may not know about acting in a movie:

  1. You do A LOT of hurry up and wait.  Your call time (when you need to show up) is usually hours before you are going to be in set for various reasons.  You have wardrobe, makeup, and you just never know when scenes may have to be shot out of order.
  2. It is exceptionally hard to get all of the makeup off that they put on you.  So I’ll admit that I know very little about makeup (shocking right).  I ended up having to get the assistance of my 17 year old daughter to remove all of the makeup after each day of filming (okay just the first day or so).
  3. Unless you are doing something totally wrong you really don’t get a lot of coaching as to what you need to be doing in your scenes.  I ended up getting a lot of information from the stunt/safety coordinator to make sure I pulled off all of the violent scenes as realistically as possible.
  4. It takes a village to make a movie.  We had all kinds of crew members helping make the magic behind the scenes with multiple camera men, makeup, wardrobe, and actually quite a few visitors on set.  Anyway, they work long and hard hours making sure that everything is perfect.
  5. Most of the actors are just like you.  With a few exceptions you would have no idea that you are talking to someone that has made dozens of movies with huge names.  They are all about their craft and honestly having fun and enjoying their work as much as possible.

So this is just a taste of some of the things that are interesting to know about acting in a film.  I have several more films and TV shows lined up for 2016 and I am going to attempt to blog about some of my experiences as time permits.  I’ll also be posting a lot on twitter @kenneymyers and on my official FaceBook page.

Above all else being on set and acting is a blast!  I’m thoroughly enjoying it and hope more than anything that you enjoy all of the productions whether they are in the theater, TV, or netflix.  Stay tuned…