Family Road Trip Crushing


Packing up the SUV
Heading out on the road
With a family of five
It’s quite the carload

Mom packs and Dad loads
Big bags first of course
He crams it all in and
Shuts the door with force

Mom grades Dad on his work
It’s never better than a C
Because the way Dad loads
The driver can never see

As we are pulling out
We notice there is no gas
So we hit the local station
and then on the road at last

The kids load up a movie
In the built-in DVR
Then play with their iPads
As they prepare to go far

Before too long Dad can see
Everyone is silent, he is alone
As each and every one of them
Now has on their head phones

Family road trips nowadays
Fly by with relative ease
Because with games like
Candy Crush it’s a breeze
Send us all a life please???