Fishing Lessons with Dad


I remember it vividly
The first time I went fishing
It was on a small Iowa lake
And the water was gently swishing
It was dark water,  you know
The kind you only see in a pond
It was early in the morning
I was too excited to yawn
I couldn’t wait to get started
To have my pole in my hands
I immediately pressed the button
And the line fell swiftly on land
My dad quickly wound it back up
And told me everything was okay
He showed incredible patience
As he taught me that day
We covered all of the basics
Like how to hook a worm
As I focused on just how much
It would wiggle and squirm
He then taught me how to cast
As we held the pole together
I didn’t realize it then
But now it’s a moment I treasure
We practiced reeling a few times
Before settling on the ground
As we watched the line and waited
I learned not to make a sound
To this day I have no idea
Whether or not we caught a fish
But spending time with my Dad
Is something I’ll always cherish.