Journey Toward a Blackbelt in Kickboxing

kickboxingAs many of you know through following me on FaceBook and Twitter (btw, if you don’t know would be a good time to go friend me or follow me), my son has been enrolled in a kickboxing academy for over two years and in general as a family we have loved the experience.  The instructors at the academy are out of this world good, especially Mr. Salaam (although they have all been fantastic).  From the very beginning I have wanted to participate in classes as well for lots of different reasons including:

  1. An alternative way to stay fit (as opposed to just going to 24 Hour Fitness every day).
  2. A good way to relieve any stress that may be building up (in general exercise is great for that).
  3. I think it’s a great way to encourage my son to continue and for us to share a common interest (which is always good).

So earlier this month I embarked on my own journey toward a blackbelt at the Texas Kickboxing Academy.  I probably won’t blog on this topic daily or even weekly but periodically I’d like to keep you updated on my progress and also just document it for my own sake (so it’s a bit self-indulgent).  With that said, there are probably other parents out there like me that are a bit on the more mature side that might be interested in the struggles and joys I experience along the way.

So my first couple of weeks of classes have been interesting as I learned uppercuts, hooks, round house kicks, and then tons of new cardio fun like jump squats, burpees (an oldie but a goodie), and heavy ball slams.  The workouts are intense and leave you with a real feeling of accomplishment.  Of course the soreness comes the day after, but my hope is that will eventually fade over the coming weeks and months.

So I’ll create a new Blackbelt category and if you are interested you can follow along, but if you aren’t you can fairly easily ignore these posts and focus on the care industry or other topics of the blog.