Rules, Rules, Rules

Rules, rules, rules it’s like people create them just so they can confuse me
Wrong or right, right or wrong a rush to judge don’t take very long see
Rules for the sake of rules will certainly create a bunch of fools indeed
Trying to change or rearrange the essence of what a person should be

Don’t get me wrong without law & order societies don’t last long agreed
But we have to prepare and take care of each other if we dare to believe
Because it’s love from above that gives us a shove & directs humanity
They were written in stone by God alone and will last for an eternity

For these are his commandments written down for you and me to read
Starting with the one and only God whose name starts with a capital G
Our God is a jealous God wanting only what is best for you and for me
Helping us to avoid the void that is created by following any other deity

These other gods with a small g will do anything to grab our minds daily
Becoming idols in our eyes before we realize they are mind controlling
We have to be strong to turn away to never stray from the one Yahweh
He is the alpha and omega the only God we need now and for always

When we say his name we have to give it the respect that it deserves
Saying it in worship and respect knowing that our God always observes
We shouldn’t say it in vain or disdain when people get on our nerves
We call his name to request a bit of his time which he lovingly reserves

Speaking of reserving time this is a tough one for you and certainly for me
We are instructed to respect the Sabbath and to keep that day holy
For God created the world in six days the heaven, the earth, and seas
On the seventh he rested as we should rest to recharge our batteries

We are told that we are to honor our father and mother and he told us why
Because through honoring and loving them we will live more fulfilled lives
Likely because they love us, lead us, and offer guidance to help us survive
God knew we would need them and wants us to listen to their advice

Surviving, thriving, and providing a safe place for our families to live
Free of murder or thoughts of death that the devil may violently give
Satan can plant pain, envy, & anger driving our inability to forgive
But we must love not hate and steer ourselves clear of being abusive

The love we give to each other when we exchange vows is divine
We are bound to each other as our lives are interwoven like a vine
We must not think about or lie down with another at any given time
Because once two become one to step out simply steps us out of line

There’s no side stepping or dancing around the truth when we lie
The guilt we feel builds whether it was little or big, yellow or white
We usually deceive only ourselves no matter how hard we might try
Because the truth will truly set you free and the guilt will waive goodbye

We should use our hands for the greater good and not for the good of one
Because stealing to line our own pockets can never be completely undone
Theft changes a man and becomes increasingly easier for us to condone
But right is right and wrong is wrong and jail is certainly not there for fun

When you see a neighbor with something or someone that you covet
You have to refrain from desiring it or them no matter how you love it
What’s theirs is theirs and whatever is mine is mine and that’s just fine
Don’t look and don’t touch because it’s far too easy to cross that line

These commands and rules exist for our own good I know that is true
They are about how to love God and teach me how to show love to you
These rules are there to help us in everything that we say and that we do
They help us to find meaning and to provide his heavenly point of view.