DoggoneFilm LLC

Welcome to the home of DoggoneFilm, LLC where we seek to make productions that are family friendly and wholesome through a mix of animation and reality.  Our first show, Kindly Kenney is currently in its inaugural season on YouTube and has been a blast to work on.

Kindly Kenney is a bookstore in a tiny toon town that is run by a real person (Kenney) that finds himself helping the animated families in town through various practical issues that many kids face (being afraid of the dark, sharing their toys, and many more every day occurrences).

You can find out more about the show and our cast by visiting our IMDB page. We plan to shoot 26 episodes for season one and then fairly quickly jump right into season two in 2021.  If you have any questions on the show feel free to use the contact us on this website to submit them.  We will do our best to provide a timely response.  The main goal of this show is to provide kids and families with very relatable stories that all people can enjoy.  We are committed to creating a multicultural show that will approach everything the “kindly” way with respect and as much positivism as possible.  We think this is something that is very needed especially in 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic that all of us are facing.  This is especially a difficult time for kids and we hope to help address some of that while also giving everyone a bit of an escape to our tiny toon town.

If you are a voice actor looking to work on the show (thank you).  We request that you reach out to our casting partner, Gemelli Film and Candice Cain.







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