Ken Myers Rhymer

As you know I am a big fan of spoken word and poetry in general.  I write a lot of it, listen to a lot of it, and genuinely just find the whole process of writing and listening to poetry to be incredibly uplifting.  As I am writing every once in a while I run into an issue where the word I want to rhyme just doesn’t have a perfect match (that I haven’t already used).  This led me to do tons of research into rhyming algorithms from simple ones like soundex to very complicated ones.  This research led to the creation of Ken Myers Rhymer, a mobile app that takes what I have learned and makes it available to everyone for free.


The basis of this application is fundamentally different.  I utilized the 2500 most common words in the English language as a foundation for calculating matches using various algorithms.  This resulted in millions of combinations of similar sounding words.  With that said using common words as a seed makes it a much more practical rhyming tool than most that you see online or in the various app stores.

I’ll warn you in advance that the first time you run it, it takes a few seconds as the database is initialized (there are hundreds of thousands of rows in the system).  However, after that it’s fairly quick and will give you different results than you might be used to seeing.  Some of the rhymes are perfect matches and some are fairly loose (but with spoken word/rap you can make them work).


You can view the full privacy policy for Ken Myers Rhymer inside the application but what’s important to note is that we don’t collect any information whatsoever.  No ads, no analytics, nothing at all.  This app is for your local use only (it doesn’t connect with the server or anything else).  With that said, please feel do review the full privacy policy in the application.


You can find the application on the Google Play store and now on iTunes.


NOTE: The best online rhyming site I have seen by far is