18 Blogs Featuring Creative Things Schools Are Doing to Combat Childhood Obesity

obesitychildhoodIt’s no secret that a growing number of school aged children are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, school budget cuts are slowly making physical education a thing of the past, so schools have had to find creative ways to combat obesity by getting kids moving more and eating better. If you’re wondering how schools are battling the bulge these days, check out these featured blog posts.

PE Classes

With more time being spent teaching to different testing standards, schools have had to take time away from PE classes and allocate that time for more classwork. That doesn’t mean that physical education is becoming extinct, though. Read these six blog entries to see how schools are keeping kids active.

Nutrition Classes

Many children and adults aren’t aware of all the health risks that come with being overweight. To shed light on these problems, schools are starting to play an active role in educating children and their parents on the value of good nutrition.  Take a look at these six blog posts to learn how some schools are getting the word out about healthy eating.

Lunch Menus

School lunches have always gotten a bad rap, but the truth is that many schools can’t afford to serve quality, healthy food at a price that parents are willing to pay.  Some schools have sought grants to help offset the expense of serving better foods and others have even begun growing their own gardens as a way to cut costs.  Check out these six blog posts featuring creative ways schools are changing the look of the standard school lunch.