Little Cupid Offers Director’s Notes Through Augmented Reality App

AugmentedFans, LLC (Kenney Myers) and Gemelli Films (Candice Cain) are happy to announce a collaborative effort to bring director’s notes to life through leveraging augmented reality and the smart phones all of us are carrying around with us.  The app is initially being released on Google Play but we are planning to release on iOS before the end of the year (update here is the link for iTunes).  The premise behind the app is pretty simple.  You download the app, create an account, and then press the scan button at the bottom of the screen.  After you do that you simply start watching Little Cupid (which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video) on another device and hold your phone up to the screen.  At various points throughout episode 1 you will see director’s notes pop onto the screen.

About Little Cupid

Little Cupid is a family friendly TV series written and directed by Candice Cain that stars Cody Calafiore, Stefanie Bloom, and Angela Castaldo.  It’s about a marine that gave the ultimate sacrifice and is now working on earning his angel wings.  He appears before his daughter and enlists her help with his mission.  Their goal is to match soulmates with each other and help ignite the spark between them.  Their first couple is Angela’s teacher and the substitute gym teacher.

About AugmentedFans

AugmentedFans, LLC is a company co-founded by Kenney Myers and Neko Sparks.  The goal of AugmentedFans is to leverage augmented reality for TV shows, movies, newspapers and books.  We want to immerse people in the experience and give them the ability to find out more about the characters and shows they love.  Most importantly it is completely up to them to use as much or as little as they want.  We believe that fans will drive this technology and most importantly the TV shows, movies, and other media types that adopt it.  Because the platform is constantly updated it gives writes, directors, and entertainers the ability to continue the conversation around their art and that opens up many exciting possibilities.

About the Little Cupid Show App

The Little Cupid Show app is the first to be released on AugmentedFans new patent pending platform.  It uses a feature called Director’s Notes to pop up information about various scenes, actors, and just other comments from the director.  It’s a fun app that as users watch the episode and the images are detected … they earn points.  The points will accumulate and allow them to earn bronze, silver, and eventually gold fan status.  Which as of now just gives them the ultimate bragging rights in the world of Little Cupid.  Please follow Candice Cain or Gemelli Films on social media for updates on Little Cupid plus find out who has achieved bronze, silver, or gold status on the app.  Of course you can also follow me, Kenney Myers @kenneymyers everywhere for updates as well.


We would love any and all feedback on the app and Little Cupid so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram or right here in the comments on this blog post.  Thanks again for your support!  We are looking forward to more updates and uses of this technology in the coming weeks.