18 of the Greatest Blogs with Tips for Balancing Parenting and You Time

metimeBusy moms know that it can be nearly impossible to find ways to keep up with your kids, your spouse, the house and work and still hold onto a shred of sanity. And finding time to relax? That can be downright laughable. However, achieving balance among all the things pulling you different directions is crucial, and will make you a much happier mother and wife. These 18 blog entries are full of tips and tricks to help you pinpoint your hobbies, make time to pamper yourself and carve out some much needed “me” time on occasion, keeping those frazzled feelings to a minimum.


It’s not uncommon for moms to sacrifice their own hobbies first when it comes to streamlining their days and weeks. However, doing so can actually be more detrimental than helpful. It’s important to hold onto at least one of your hobbies, even as you navigate the busy world of parenthood. For help finding some hobbies you might enjoy, read through these six blog entries.

  • Writing Tips: Finding the Time to Write or Blog Even if your words never goes farther than your computer or your notepad, writing has a way of being very therapeutic. For tips on finding time to write, check out this blog entry.
  • Fitness Tips: You Time! Finding different fitness endeavors is a great way to schedule some personal time during the day while improving yourself. Learn a new sport, try a yoga class or hit the park for a run – just get moving!
  • Become a Master of Five Minute Practice You only need five minutes during your day to carve out time for a hobby; whether it’s picking up a good book or practicing an instrument, let yourself get lost in something you enjoy, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
  • Me Time: Moms with Cool Hobbies Your spouse is likely more willing to lend a helping hand than you think; enlist your partner’s help and have them watch the kids while you take some time to focus on something you enjoy.
  • Relaxing Hobbies—Effective Stress Busters for the Modern Age Reconnecting with nature is a great way to find some peace and relaxation, so unplug for a little while and get outdoors, and try some of the relaxing hobbies listed on this post.
  • The Importance of “Me” Time Taking time for yourself isn’t just good for you; it’s good for your family too! Indulging in some alone time allows you to come back to your family refreshed and relaxed instead of stressed.

Pamper Yourself

Before having kids you likely made time to pamper yourself on occasion, however, finding that time gets harder and harder once you become a mom. It’s now more than ever that you need to pamper yourself a little, though! Take a look at these six blog articles for different ways you can pamper yourself from time to time.

  • Take Time to Nurture Yourself Everyone needs nurturing – you included! Take some time to meditate or call a friend during the week to help nurture your soul.
  • Finding Balance: 6 Quick Tips for New Mothers Even if it just means taking a long, hot shower one morning, find time to pamper yourself on occasion.
  • Herbal Pampering—It’s All About “Me” Time Blog Hop Looking for an easy way to add in some pampering? Give yourself a mini facial before you go to bed instead of just washing your face.
  • Go On, Pamper Yourself! Sometimes you don’t need to go any further than your own home for some good pampering. You’ll find a list of things you can do at home to pamper yourself in this post.
  • Mothers Need Me-Time Pampering Too Take some time for yourself to do something relaxing, like soaking in a bubble bath or reading a good book.
  • Me Time You don’t have to pay pricey salon fees to get a little pampering; learn how to create some “me time” at home for pennies on the dollar.

Finding Time

Sometimes the toughest thing to do is find the time for doing the things that help you relax and de-stress. By managing your schedule and creating a routine, however, you can block out times to focus only on you. For tips on finding time in your day for you, check out these six blog posts.

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