35 Blogs for Low Carb Living

low carb diet

low carb diet

Those of you that know me and specifically have eaten out with me recently know that I am a low-to-no carb guy nowadays.  In fact for nearly a year I haven’t had any bread (outside of communion and when I had no choice).  I found the Ideal Protein diet to be one that really worked well for me and it provided me with a lot of guidance around how to avoid the carbs I have LOVED for years (pastas, breads, cereal, etc.). While I haven’t technically been on the diet for a few months, I still adhere to the low-to-no carb philosophy and put together this list of 35 articles/blogs that may help make the low carb lifestyle easier for my friends, family and readers to get behind.

Low Carb Lifestyle
Leading a low carb lifestyle can be difficult and you may have questions about whether it’s a good idea or not.  These five bloggers will give you some insight into maintaining a low carb diet and the benefits of eating that way.

Low Carb Appetizers
If you are looking for some low carb appetizers for your next get together (especially if I am attending), you’ve come to the right place.  These five blog entries will give you some low carb appetizer options and your guests won’t even realize that they’re eating low carb.

Low Carb Side Dishes
For a low carb lifestyle you need to get out of the mindset that every meal needs to have a starch.  This method of eating stems back to the meat and potatoes generation, which is how many of us were brought up.  Here are five blog posts that have low carb side dish recipes.

Low Carb Snacks
If you’re having trouble finding low carb snacks that are satisfying and don’t break the bank, look no further.  These five blogs will give you some low carb snack ideas for the whole family.

Low Carb Desserts
It’s easy to think that you will never get dessert again if you are on a low carb eating plan, but you just need to change how you think about dessert.  If you avoid sweets most of the time, then other food becomes sweeter naturally.  These five blog posts have some low carb dessert recipes to help you.

Low Carb Menus
Coming up with menus day after day that are low carb can be quite a chore.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and default to making the same tried and true meals over and over (which I am infamous for).  Here are five blog posts that will help you plan some low carb menus.

Crock Pot
On those days that you are busy you can throw something in the crock pot (or convince someone else to do that for you) and still stay low carb.  These recipes are simple to prepare and are quite tasty according to these five bloggers.