Kenney (Ken) Myers is first and foremost a Christian, a father of 3 amazing kids, and a husband of an amazing woman (Jolene).

Ken is also an Executive with over 15 years of experience leading companies serving as CFO, CTO, COO, and CEO of several successful business ventures including WhiteFence, CollegeDegrees, CMN, eNannySource, GoNannies, and Morningside Nannies.

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    I am very active in the care industry this includes childcare, senior care, pet care, and other types of in-home care services. In addition to running multiple websites and businesses in this industry I also participate in various coalitions and organizational boards.

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    Just for fun I like to create lists of Kens that have existed over time. I’m not exactly sure why. Of course, they may be commonly referred to as Ken, Kenny, or Kenneth. There are very few out there like me that go by Kenney which I give all the credit to my parents for making it unique.



    I have been writing poetry for years. Actually, ever since I can remember I have enjoyed expressing myself via prose. From co-writing our high school fight song with my father, to rapping through the halls, and now just expressing my thoughts… It’s a great creative outlet for me.



    I was born into a very strong Christian family. My father is a Presbyterian minister and I can’t thank both him and my mother enough for raising us to be strong believers. This is a huge part of who I am and who I strive to be as a father, husband, leader, and person in general.

Drawings & Videos // This section shows off some of what I do in my spare time from cartoon drawings, caricatures, and various videos including my favorite stop motion iPhone videos.

I will also do my best to represent some of the projects that I am working on through screenshots and photos.

About this Blog // You will find a wide variety of content on my blog. Some of which was mentioned above and other of which will be simply random subjects that catch my attention from time-to-time. I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing on a wide variety of subjects so you never know what might pop up on my blog. Please subscribe to my feed!


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    volunteerforeverI recently wrote an article about various ways to fund church youth group mission trips (because our Jr. and Sr. High groups are both currently raising funds).  As a result Steven Weddle, the Co-Founder & CEO of VolunteerForever.com reached out to me to let me know about his site and how it might be able to help our church.  I thought it was a really interesting concept but needed to get more information from him so I asked him the following questions which he agreed to turn into a nice interview for my blog:

    1) What inspired you to create this site?

    I created Volunteer Forever after volunteering abroad in India in late 2011. The trip was a life-changing experience for me, but getting there was difficult since I had a hard time finding a trustworthy volunteer opportunity and paying for the trip. When I got home, it just dawned on me to build a website that would allow people to find volunteer opportunities abroad and raise money for their volunteer trip expenses.

    2) Have you funded church youth group mission trips through the site and if yes, how many?

    Volunteer Forever was originally designed to help individual volunteers raise money for their trips abroad. For example, our typical user was a college student or recent graduate raising money to join a position with an international volunteer organization overseas.  However, in describing the features of Volunteer Forever to my family and friends (several of whom have participated in church mission trips), I realized our website would benefit church youth group mission trip participants as well. So far, we have one family who is currently fundraising for their church mission trip to Haiti. Their mother founded an organization that raised nearly $8,000 on Volunteer Forever last year and she is using our website again for her children’s first mission trip to Haiti. Ultimately, we’d love it if every church youth group had the opportunity to use our platform to make mission trips more attainable for everyone. Each group will be able to create their very own trip page that individual fundraisers will be able to link to. Donors can then easily make a donation to the individual fundraiser of their choice and the funds are instantly placed in the fundraiser’s or group’s PayPal account.
    3) Would you recommend that a youth group notify their congregation and community to support a volunteerforever.com campaign?

    Absolutely, your congregation and community will likely understand your mission trip’s purpose and the benefits of participating in one. Best of all, you’ll be able to leverage the support from your church and ministry leaders to raise awareness of and advocate for your fundraising campaign. Furthermore, you’ve built trust and rapport with your congregation and community members, which are incredibly vital for a successful fundraising campaign.
    4) What are some of the challenges with crowdfunding a mission trip?

    One of the biggest challenges for crowdfunding for a mission trip is engaging your audience and telling a compelling story. Not everyone will understand why you are raising thousands of dollars to go on a mission trip to help people outside of your local area. When crafting a crowdfunding campaign for the trip, we encourage all of our fundraisers to clearly explain the following in their campaign description:
    • What’s your motivation for going on this mission trip?
    • What will you do there and how will the host community benefit from your presence?
    • Why do you need funding and how will the funds be used?
    • How do you plan to grow from the experience?
    5) How do people normally spread the word about a project that may be on your site (social media, emails, etc.)?

    Our fundraisers spread the word about their project through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Typically, a fundraiser will send out a personal e-mail or Facebook message to their closest friends and family members. Then, they will share their fundraising page with their extended networks through Facebook. Facebook is an especially effective way to raise of a campaign; our data for this months shows nearly 60% of all donations on our site originated from Facebook. We’ve integrated these social media tools directly onto each fundraiser’s page so that with a single click, you can share your fundraising campaign across e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking platforms.
    At a conceptual level, I think this is really interesting and worth looking into.  It makes a ton of sense and no matter what we end up doing for our church, this is a website that I’ll be keeping my eye on.  I definitely want to thank Steven Weddle for taking the time to tell me more about his site and how we might be able to use it.  If you end up giving it a try for your youth group, please report back and let me know how it works for you and I’ll do the same.

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    bake-saleMission trips are an exciting way to learn about other cultures, offer aid to those in need and share the message of Christ. Even if your trip is a domestic one, you’re sure to encounter people from all walks of life, some of which are far different from your own. Unfortunately, these missions of goodwill and assistance do cost money. From travel and daily expenses to funding the assistance programs you’re planning to organize, there are a variety of expenditures that your group will be faced with covering over the course of your mission trip. To help raise money for these expenses, consider the following ideas.

    Hold a Bake Sale

    There’s a reason why bake sales are an old standby in the world of fundraising: they work! In addition to raising money, pooling your resources, time and effort to churn out baked goods for a bake sale is a great team-building exercise, and can help you to foster a sense of teamwork amongst participants in your mission group before you ever leave home. If there are skilled bakers within your congregation, they may also be willing to donate time or food items to support your cause.

    Consider Crowd-Sourcing

    Everything from albums to novels are funded through crowd-sourcing sites like Kickstarter these days, which can be of great use to mission trip organizers. Drafting a thorough proposal and sharing the link to your chosen crowd-sourcing collections site through social media, blogs and email can even help your cause to go viral, getting the attention and donations of people that would ordinarily be far out of your reach. Be sure that you carefully read the terms of use and all the fine print, though, since every crowd-sourcing site works differently.

    Send Out Fundraising Letters

    Writing professional letters of solicitation to be sent out to members of your congregation or faith group can garner donations from those who would love to help, but aren’t quite tech-savvy enough to manage crowd-sourcing sites or navigate social media. Your own church directory is a great source for mailing list information, especially if you’re part of a very large congregation. While you can print out address labels that will make the work of preparing snail-mail much less time-consuming, hosting an envelope-stuffing party where every member of your mission trip pitches in to stamp, stuff and address mailers is another way of working team-building exercises into the fundraising process. Remember, it’s never too early to start building the bonds of teamwork and partnership.

    Look for Business Sponsorships

    Some businesses, especially those that proudly advertise their faith-based approach to business, may be willing to sponsor your mission trip for advertising or tax purposes. Don’t be afraid to send polite letters of inquiry to local business owners that share your faith, as business sponsorships can be quite hefty and can make all the difference in your fundraising efforts.

    Make Inquiries Regarding Church Support

    If your mission trip is officially sanctioned by the clergy and elders of your church, they’ll almost certainly be willing to either provide donations or hold a special collections ceremony to help fund the trip. Speaking with your pastor about the options available to you may open more doors than you ever realized, and could help you expand your mission trip far beyond your original intentions. Working closely with church leadership is essential if you’ll be representing your congregation to the rest of the world, especially if there’s any chance of media attention.

    Hold a Car Wash

    There’s something about a car wash that tends to pull in even those that aren’t affiliated with your church. You will need to look into obtaining any necessary permits before setting up shop on a busy street corner, but high-traffic areas can yield big results. Unless you live in an area that’s warm year-round, however, car wash fundraising efforts are really only effective in the spring and summer months.

    In addition to these ideas, there’s also something to be said for good, old-fashioned brainstorming sessions. Gather your missions group together to discuss everyone’s ideas for raising money. When you make a collective effort to think outside the box, there’s no telling what you’ll come up with!

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    forgetfulFrom remembering where you put your keys to keeping a mental note of your grocery list without leaving an item out, it’s not always easy to remember the details of everyday life in such a hectic, fast-paced world. Some people tend to be more forgetful than others, though, potentially causing stress and anxiety when important tasks and items fall to the wayside. These seven pointers can help you remember details, both important and trivial, and get out of the stressful loop that is forgetfulness.

    • Get Organized – If your forgetfulness manifests itself through an inability to keep up with things, you may be suffering more from a lack of organization than a lack of memory. Find a home for your keys, wallet, phone and other important items, and put them back in that dedicated place every time you put them away. You may not remember that you tossed your keys on the kitchen table, your phone on the nightstand and left your wallet in yesterday’s pants because the items are so scattered. If they’re all in a dedicated place when you need them, you won’t find yourself scrambling to round them up on your way out the door.
    • Put Your Smartphone to Work for You – Set alarms to remind you of time-sensitive tasks, put calendar apps to good use, find a to-do list app that you like and get committed to using it. The mobile device in your pocket can be a powerful tool for keeping you on top of important events and due dates, and most people tend to sorely under-use these features. You can also install brain-training games and apps that actively improve brain function and short term memory while you’re waiting in line, in waiting rooms and using mass transit to commute to and from work.
    • Slow Your Multi-Tasking Roll – If you try to manage too many tasks, some things are sure to fall to the wayside. Try to slow down, and take on only the number of tasks you can easily accomplish at one time. You’ll probably find that, when you’re able to concentrate fully, the quality of your work and productivity improve right alongside your memory.
    • Take Notes and Make Lists – Some people find it easier to get everything done and keep track of everything they need to remember by taking notes of important events and making detailed to-do lists. In addition to having a written record of everything you need to do, you’ll also have the satisfaction of crossing each thing off of your list as it’s completed.
    • Set Up Triggers – Set yourself up for memory success by leaving trigger clues to remind you of the things you need to do. If you’re trying to remember to bring a change of clothes to work so you can hit the gym on your way home, set them on top of your briefcase. Leave a laundry basket in the kitchen so you will be reminded to move the wet clothes from the washing machine into the dryer while you’re prepping for dinner. Leaving this trail of breadcrumbs will keep visual reminders around you, helping you to remember what you’re doing and when it needs to be done.
    • Use Names After Introductions – Few things are as embarrassing in a social situation as forgetting the name of someone you’ve already been introduced to. Help your brain retain the names of people you meet by making a point of using their names soon after the introduction. Instead of saying, “Nice to meet you,” make a habit of saying, “Nice to meet you, Jane.” You’ll cement their name into your memory through speaking it out loud, reducing the likelihood of your forgetting it later.
    • Ask for Reminders – Asking friends and family members to remind you of important details not only gives you the help you need, but may even help you to remember the task yourself because you’ve made a point of acknowledging it and speaking it out loud. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner, children or friends to remind you of important dates, upcoming events or tasks you need to complete. Most people will be happy to help you, and you may find that you don’t need their assistance after all because you’ve made a point of acknowledging the situation.

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    reunionWhen that invitation to a high school reunion shows up, your first instinct may be to toss it in the trash. After all, adolescence is usually an awkward time that most people would rather forget rather than reminisce about. While many people will say that high school was the best time of their lives, this isn’t always true for everyone. Still, there are plenty of reasons why attending your high school reunion is a good idea. These are ten of the reasons why you might want to think twice before you chuck that invitation into the garbage can.

    1. To Reconnect With Old Friends – Remember the best friend that you talked to for hours every night on the telephone and swore you’d never grow apart from? Unless you’re one of the lucky few, chances are that you haven’t seen one another in years and may even have lost touch altogether. Few events offer the opportunity to reconnect with people that were once important to you like a high school reunion, and you may never see them again if you skip the event.
    2. Because You’ve Changed Dramatically – If you’ve lost a ton of weight or were the ugly duckling that became a swan in college or later in life, there’s something very satisfying about showing up to your high school reunion to flaunt those changes. Poise and confidence often come with age, so you can navigate your reunion much more easily than the halls of your high school.
    3. To Come to Terms With Aging – Seeing new fine lines and more gray hair isn’t easy to deal with for most people. When you arrive at your reunion and realize that everyone is getting older, it can make the experience feel less isolating and help you come to terms with the fact that aging is an inevitable part of life.
    4. Because Living Well is the Best Revenge – High school can be rough, especially for kids that don’t quite fit the mold. If you suffered through high school and have since built a wonderful, rewarding life for yourself despite the bad experiences, showing off your success to the people that treated you badly can be quite vindicating.
    5. To Network – Networking is so important in some fields that there are entire social websites built solely around the premise of helping people to network on a professional level. Attending your high school reunion can be a great experience, but it may also afford you some networking opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on.
    6. To Reminisce – Some people suffer through high school, but there are also those that reveled in the experience. Looking back at your high school career and sharing a few laughs with the people that were by your side for all of those great times can be very rewarding.
    7. To Show Your Spouse Where You Came From – Attending your high school reunion with your spouse is a great way to share a part of your formative years. You can tour your hometown, introduce old friends and share stories that you’d forgotten all about, helping you forge an even stronger bond.  Of course unless you are one of the luckiest people in the world and still married to your high school sweetheart (which is even more of a cause to celebrate with mutual friends)!
    8. To Party Like It’s 1988… Or Something – When careers and kids come along, opportunities to let your hair down can be few and far between. Your high school reunion will give you the chance to dance the night away. Rather than sharing the dance floor with a crowd of college kids at a nightclub, you’ll be surrounded by people your own age rocking out to songs you haven’t heard in years.
    9. To Satisfy Your Curiosity – If you’ve ever wondered where people ended up and what they have done with their lives this is your chance to find out.  Whether it is the motor head that constantly tinkered with his cool car or the nerd that always raised his hand to answer the teacher’s questions, it’s fun to see what became of them.
    10. Because Wall Posts Aren’t Real Conversations – Seeing pictures and FaceBook status updates from your old friends or even sending a few messages back and forth just isn’t the same as seeing them in the flesh and catching up. As hard as it may be to believe, some people don’t even maintain social networking accounts. If you haven’t seen your high school friends since graduation, there’s no better place to catch up than the spot where you all went your separate ways.

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    schoolModern parents spend a small fortune when time for back-to-school shopping rolls around, making it the second-busiest shopping season in the United States. According to the National Retail Federation, the back-to-school shopping season is second only to the winter holidays in terms of consumer spending, and the projected average amount parents will spend grows with every passing year. As the economy struggles to rebound, fuel prices climb and a record-breaking drought threatens a spike in food costs, parents are forced to save money in any way that they can. These ten tips can help you preserve your budget and still send kids into a new school year with everything that they need.

    1. Check Your Existing Supply – Common items like rulers, kid-safe scissors and pencils are probably scattered around your home and taking up space in your home office, where they rarely see use. Before shelling out money for more of the same items you already have on hand, take the time to survey your current inventory.
    2. Watch Your Mailbox – Leading up to Labor Day, major retailers start sending out advertising circulars at a staggering pace. While you might ordinarily disregard these promotional mailings, the back-to-school season is a great time to pay more attention to them.
    3. Brave the Crowds on Tax-Free Shopping Days – Some states offer tax-free shopping holidays (we have that here in Texas) to encourage more retail spending and relieve some of the financial burden for the cash-strapped parents of students, making these days great money-saving opportunities. If you’re brave enough to fight the crowd of similarly-minded shoppers, retailers often run select items at a discount to further encourage lucrative back-to-school spending.
    4. Skip Non-Essentials – Making a policy regarding non-essential items before you take your child shopping is an effective way to save money without risking a sullen tween or cranky elementary student when you veto these purchases. Whether you limit non-essentials to one item per child or require kids to pay for extras out of their own allowance, it’s important that you stick to your guns when you’re in the store.
    5. Buy Plain and Personalize – Virtually identical items can have a dramatic price difference when a brand-name item is more colorful, so make a habit of purchasing standard supplies and encouraging your children to personalize them. Kids with an affinity for arts and crafts may actually prefer this method, as it allows them to express their originality with one-of-a-kind items.
    6. Choose Well-Made, High-Quality Items – A cheap backpack is no bargain if you’re forced to replace it before winter break, so make sure that you spring for better quality options when craftsmanship makes a difference.
    7. Wait for the Teachers’ Lists – While it can be tempting to scoop up school supplies throughout the summer, it’s wise to restrict early purchases to the things that you’re absolutely certain about, like paper and writing instruments. Any other purchases, especially pricier supplies, should wait until teachers release their lists to ensure that you don’t buy unneeded items.
    8. Put Your Smartphone to Work for You – Whether your smartphone operates on the iPhone or Android platform, there are an almost endless array of apps dedicated solely to helping users find the best prices on specific items. Many of these apps are free, so it won’t cost you a penny to save big.
    9. Hit Discount Stores – Don’t neglect the discount dollar stores in your area. Some of their items, especially standard ones like pens and pencils, are of comparable quality to more expensive brands at a fraction of the price. Rather than paying a premium for these supplies through big-box retailers, look over their selection first.
    10. Buy in Bulk – If you have a large family, buying notebooks, pencils, pens and other staple supplies in bulk could be an ideal arrangement. In most cases, you can buy enough to keep your kids stocked up for the entire school year.  A trip to your local Sam’s Club could save you a bunch of money over the course of the year.

    Make sure that you hold onto school supplies at the end of the year, as there are many items that don’t necessarily have to be replaced every year. Many items that are still serviceable can be reused, even if it requires a bit of personalization to get your kids interested in carrying them again.

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    atbatKeeping up with the demands of a busy professional life and a balanced personal life can be a challenge, and may not leave you with enough time to watch all of your favorite teams compete in their respective sports. These 10 iPhone apps can help you track scores and achievements when you’re not able to tune into live events and allow you to watch your favorite teams compete while you’re on the go!

    1. MLB.com At Bat – From Spring Training to the World Series, the Major League Baseball season is long and sometimes arduous. Get your off-season fix while you’re waiting for the new season to begin, including archives of classic games filled with historic moments in baseball. When the season begins, MLB.com At Bat keeps you up to date on all the movers and shakers in pro baseball, with Gameday Audio, video highlights, news and live look-ins. Never miss the results of a big game again!
    2. theScore Mobile – This free app has been named one of Apple’s Amazing Apps for iPhone 5 and is a member of the App Store Essentials Hall of Fame. Whether you’re following all of your favorite teams as a fan or monitoring the performance of your fantasy players, this app delivers all the scoring and statistical information you need to stay on top of each and every game.
    3. Ultimate Fight Fan: Top MMA, Strikeforce & Ultimate Fighting news & videos – If you like your sports a bit more on the full-contact side, the free Ultimate Fight Fan is the app for you. Keep up with your favorite fighters’ win/loss stats and match information. The app grants access to the official UFC Facebook wall and MMA News, along with headlines, upcoming fight card, match recaps and promotional videos to keep you pumped for the next fight.
    4. Pro Football Insider – The NFL fan is in a league all of its own, which is why this free pro football-dedicated app is a must have for any die-hard supporter. Quick access to stats, standings and schedules keeps you up to date on the teams you support, while integrated Twitter feeds allow you to see what your favorite players, experts and analysts are saying about the big game.
    5. FOX Sports Mobile – If you are a multi-sport fan supporting lots of teams across several leagues, this free app may streamline your approach to stats and standings tracking. With support for motorsports, MMA, boxing, soccer, tennis, golf, NHL, NBA, WNBA, men’s and women’s NCAA Basketball, MLB, NFL and NCAA football, Fox Sports Mobile keeps you in the loop at all times. Users can also access information from exclusive analysts and FOX Sports writers.
    6. ESPN College Football – College football lies somewhere between sport and religion for devotees, which is why this free app offers year-round press updates, highlights and full coverage. When the season starts, stay informed as the big plays happen with scoring alerts and keep an eye on your customizable scoreboards to make sure that you’re always in the NCAA Football loop.
    7. ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 – If your favorite football team is a fantasy team, then this is the app for you. With push notifications for scoring plays, substitutions and injuries, you can manage your fantasy team with ease, no matter where you are.
    8. NASCAR Mobile ‘13 – Some teams manipulate a ball, while others dominate a race track. Fans of NASCAR racing shouldn’t overlook this free app, which offers year-round coverage of everything from the Sprint Cup to the Camping World Truck series. Keeping up with your favorite drivers’ performances is a snap with NASCAR Mobile, even if you do miss the adrenaline rush of seeing the big win happen.
    9. WatchESPN – Sometimes you just have to see the game, even if you’re going to be on the road or away from a television. That’s where this free app comes in handy, offering you unfettered access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU. If ESPN is part of your cable package at home, you can watch from wherever you happen to be on your iPhone.
    10. Yahoo! Sportacular – An App Store Essential, inductee of the App Store Hall of Fame and named one of the App Store Great Free Apps, Yahoo! Sportacular delivers updates, breaking news, scores and stats quickly and efficiently, helping you keep up with the stats of your favorite teams and individual players.

    No matter which sports you follow and which teams you support, there’s an iPhone app out there that will help you keep up with all the news, stats and developments relevant to their performance. There’s very little that these 10 can’t keep up with, but in case one doesn’t fit your needs, there’s also an App Store filled-to-bursting with quality sports apps for the die-hard fan.

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    magicThe Guinness Book of World Records is renowned across the globe for measuring, adjudicating and compiling extraordinary feats by ordinary people. People are not the only ones who can hold a record – places, inanimate objects, animals and insects have been record holders, too! The ten entries in this list, however, are all people named Ken who set or helped set records that made their way into the famous big book.

    • Ken Darby Singers – The popular Christmas song “White Christmas,” by Bing Crosby, holds the Guinness World Record for most ever single sales. Crosby recorded the track with the Ken Darby Singers, who also deserve acknowledgment for the song’s success. White Christmas has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, with no sign of sales ever slowing down.
    • Most Albino Siblings – One of four U.S. brothers who hold the record for most albino siblings, Kenneth Sesler passed away in February of 1999. In all, there were 8 children in the Sesler family, however, only the four eldest carried the albino gene. Although another family, the Gaulins, have matched the Sesler’s record, no other family has managed to topple it.
    • Kenneth Griffin – Husband and wife Anne and Kenneth Griffin purchased the “most expensive painting by a living artist.” The couple spent a whopping $80 million dollars on the painting entitled “False Start” by Jasper Johns in 2006. Although the Guinness World Record is actually held by Johns, it would not have been possible without the Griffins having made the extravagant purchase.
    • Most Expensive Magic Show – At an astounding cost of over $28 million, “Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage” holds the record for most expensive magic show. Kenneth Feld & Co produced the Las Vegas show, which starred world famous magicians, Siegfried Fishbacher and Roy Horn from Germany. The show generated around $44.6 million per year in ticket sales, which more than made up for the huge production costs.
    • The Largest Collection of Toasters – This eponymous award is held by Kenneth Huggins of Columbia, South Carolina, who owns 1,284 toasters. Huggins was an enthusiastic collector of phonographs, radios and automobiles before he started his unusual toaster collection. Dr. Huggins is not alone in his love of toasters, as he is also a member of the Toaster Collectors Association, which was formed in 1999.
    • Highest score on Beyond Good & Evil – With a grand score of 7,818,090 points, Kenneth Ray Craig Jr. is the master of Ubisoft’s popular game, Beyond Good & Evil. As of 2009, Craig was still the official high scorer, ranked against players from all over the world. Kenneth is also known by his handle “maken90,” so if you are looking for serious gaming challenge, why not try to beat his score?
    • First Use of the F-Word on TV – It is hard to believe that the first ever F-bomb was dropped on U.K. TV way back in 1965. Kenneth Tynan has the distinction of holding this dubious honor, which is due to his use of the F-word on a show entitled BBC3. Unfortunately for Tynan, the incident drew a close to his rather short television career, due to public outrage over “morals and decency.”
    • First Successful Craniopagus Separation – This surgery marked the first time that Siamese twins, connected at the head, were successful separated. The twins, Vilija and Vatalija Tamulevicius, where separated by a Russian doctor, Alexander Konovalov; however, their bodies did not take to the artificial skulls used in the procedure. They were subsequently flown to the U.S., where Dr. Kenneth E. Salyer performed successful skull reconstruction surgery on the girls.
    • Fastest Eater – Dr. Kenneth Catania is responsible for the research that discovered the fastest eating mammal, at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. The award is based on the time it takes between identifying a food source, capturing and eating it, and then moving onto a new search. However, the actual winner of the award, with a time of 230 milliseconds, is the Star-Nosed Mole, a semi-aquatic animal that is indigenous to North America.
    • First Judicial Single Drug Execution – This is one Guinness world record that no one wanted to hold. Kenneth Biros was the first convicted prisoner to face death by execution, using a single large injection of anesthetic. Biros was convicted for the murder of a 22-year old woman in 1991. The execution took place in Ohio, U.S.A, on December 8, 2009 at 11:00 AM. Biros had fought for clemency, arguing that lethal injection was a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

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    klingonLogoWhen it comes to fan conventions, it’s not always easy to find the baseline for what’s considered “bizarre.” One of the common elements between most fan conventions is that they’re all a bit strange in their own ways. There are, however, a few conventions that rise above their brethren in terms of strangeness and set the bizarre-bar a bit higher by simply existing.

    1. Klingon Feast - Star Trek conventions are the stuff of fan convention legend, with dozens of variations on the theme springing up across the country. The Klingon Feast takes the Star Trek obsession one step further by focusing on a single aspect of the Star Trek fandom: the love of Klingons. From lessons in Klingon speech to approximations of Klingon foods, attendees of the Klingon Feast are fully immersed in the culture of Kronos.
    2. Gathering of the Gargoyles – In the mid-1990s, the Disney channel launched Gargoyles, a cartoon that enjoyed a relatively short run before being canceled in 1996. Still, there’s a rabid fan base that remained so dedicated to the show that they attended the annual Gathering of the Gargoyles event from 1997 all the way into 2009.
    3. Dragon*Con – When it comes to fan conventions specializing in the bizarre, very few enjoy the staggering attendance that’s par for the Dragon*Con course. Roughly 40,000 attendees flood to Atlanta each year for discussion panels and events celebrating everything from Gothic music to comic book culture and canceled science fiction television series. Cosplay is a big part of the event, so it’s not unusual to see obscure cartoon characters hanging out with Steampunk enthusiasts and elaborately costumed fairies.
    4. International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival – The first International UFO Congress and Film Festival was held in 1991. Over the years, the convention has become the largest annual conference on unidentified flying objects and alien phenomena in the country. From abductees to astrophysicists, there’s no shortage of expert speakers on hand to facilitate discussion and rumination on the touchy subject of alien life forms.
    5. Anthrocon – When it comes to bizarre conventions, Anthrocon takes the cake. Dedicated to the interests of humans that are obsessed with anthropomorphic animal characters, Anthrocon is the largest gathering of its kind in the entire world. Held each year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anthrocon is a celebration of all things awkwardly anthropomorphic.
    6. Lebowski Fest – There are movies that are successful, and then there are those that boast a cult-like following of obsessed enthusiasts. The 1998 Coen brothers’ comedy The Big Lebowski is certainly among the latter, with an entire convention dedicated to celebrating The Dude.
    7. BlizzCon – Conventions dedicated to video games are nothing new or particularly unique. BlizzCon sets itself apart from the competition by being a convention that celebrates not just a love of video games, but a particular dedication to the creative minds behind the MMO giant World of Warcraft franchise.
    8. BronyCon – The creators of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were targeting the young girl demographic and marketing the toy line of the same name. What they probably never expected, however, was a strong community of men from their teen years through young adulthood that would eventually latch on to the franchise. Calling themselves “Bronies,” these bros are unrepentant fans of My Little Pony, and show their dedication by attending the BronyCon.
    9. RKOcon – Calling all unconventional conventionalists! Fans of the camp classic Rocky Horror Picture Show converge at RKOcon to dance the Time Warp and celebrate all things Transylvanian.
    10. MerPalooza - These attendees aren’t your average Ariel enthusiasts. MerPalooza is primarily aimed at lovers of the mermaid, but pirates, faeries, belly dancers and anime fans are all welcomed with open arms. Mers come from all over the world to attend what’s billed as “the largest international gathering of mermaids, pirates and those who love them.”

    While these fan conventions are nothing short of bizarre for those that aren’t adherents of a particular fandom, it’s important to remember that strangeness is all a matter of perspective. Whether you’re a Brony that’s eager to talk Pony with a room full of fellow enthusiasts or a Sweet Transvestite itching to do the Time Warp with Frank N. Furter and Magenta, there’s a convention out there with your name all over it!

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    twacronymAs you know by now, I really enjoy Twitter (@KenneyMyers) and see it as an interesting platform to explore different ways of communicating.  Ideally, I attempt to communicate some message that has a meaning whether it is hidden or overt.  Of course, I almost always have multiple meanings behind the prose I write which I think is fairly common.  In addition, the beautiful thing about written words is that the people that read them also can get completely different meanings out of what you are saying.  Okay, so back to the meaning of #twacronym…  These are simply acronyms that I plan to release exclusively on twitter.

    For example, the first one I did is HOLIDAYS – Help Others Love In Different And Youthful Spirits.  Unlike with #twalliteration which honestly takes tons of time to pull off properly.  #Twacronyms are really simple.  All you have to do is capitalize the word that is the basis for the tweet, add a dash, and then one word for each letter in the base word (be sure to capitalize the first letter of each of those words).  Finally, please use the #twacronym hashtag on each one you publish.  That’s all you have to do!

    It’s my hope that people will see the #twacronym each day and offer suggestions for other meanings of the base word.  That may or may not happen and retweeting is also certainly a great way to support a #twacronym too.  Most importantly, I hope that people will use this as yet another way to show their creativity to their followers.  So let’s have some fun and start using #twacronym together!


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    couchTraining for your first marathon is going to be an enormous challenge, and will require complete dedication. Ideally, when you start you’ll have the best training partners and programs out there to make sure you’re prepared for that challenge. Unless you’re rich or a celebrity sports-personality, however, you’re probably not going to be able to afford that level of training. Fortunately, iPhone’s ever resourceful app developers have created some amazing software that delivers professional training right to your handset. These 10 apps will put you through your paces in preparation for your first marathon, so that when you get to the starting line you’re prepared to go the distance.

    1. Couch to 5K – Since this will be your first marathon, you’re probably bursting to get out there and start training. This app will make sure that you get through your first training session. A mistake that many new marathon runners make is overdoing the first few training sessions. Couch to 5K is designed to ease you into a routine, with training designed by Active.com trainers. The app is available for $1.99 and comes with a great workout journal to log your progress.
    2. Fleetly – If competition is what drives you, Fleetly is the perfect training app. You can earn points for completing your workouts, as well as compete against athletes at all levels. Although you will use this free app for your marathon training, Fleetly supports training in every competitive sport you can think of.
    3. RunKeeper – Successful marathon runners know that pace is important, so make sure you include RunKeeper in your arsenal of training apps. Using GPS and a variety of technologies, this app tracks your pace, heart rate and much more, creating effective logs that help tailor the perfect workout routine to get you in the best shape.
    4. Nike Training Club – This free app from Nike provides users with access to exclusive workout material from celebrity trainers. Nike Training Club is promoted as “Exclusively for Women,” but these great workouts are ideal for anyone who is training for a marathon. Expect to see lots of familiar faces, as there are also a number of workouts led by celebrity trainers.
    5. My Fitness Pal, Calorie Counter – All your training may be for naught if you’re not actively keeping an eye on your diet. This free app will keep track of your calorie intake and help you achieve your ideal weight for competing in a marathon.
    6. FitnessBuilder – Like other fitness apps, Fitness Builder has a multitude of built-in training modules to increase your fitness level. What’s different about this app, however, is the drag and drop feature that allows you to create your own personally-tailored workouts. There are also daily, weekly and intelligent workouts, which have been designed to ensure you receive the best training. The app is linked directly to the Fitness Builder website, where you can also stream videos and fitness news directly to your handset.
    7. Boot Camp Challenge – Designed by an ex-army drill sergeant, this app will give you the edge that you need over the competition. Despite the name, Boot Camp Challenge is not solely designed for hard-core fitness fanatics. There are training programs for beginners also, which get increasingly harder as your fitness improves. The app is available from the iTunes store for $3.99.
    8. Kinetic GPS – This app is both simple and incredibly intuitive. With Kinetic GPS you can easily track your speed, distance, altitude and much more with a touch of the screen. The app does have an extensive training program, too, which was developed by a former London marathon runner. For $3.99, this is one app that you will want as your virtual coach.
    9. Fitocracy – Motivation is something that every athlete needs, and Fitocracy delivers. This is not just a fitness app, it is a game that pushes you to unlock more challenges by completing fitness tasks and quests. Fitocracy is a community-focused app, so you can converse with and compete against other athletes from around the world. This app won’t lighten the load of your wallet, however, as it is free from the iTunes store.
    10. All-In YOGA – You may be asking what yoga has to do with running a marathon. Well, you will need to keep your muscles supple and flexible if you want to endure the distance. There are over 40 ready-made yoga programs available with the app; however, you can also create your own. Over 3000 poses, which include photos, videos and detailed instructions, coupled with over 30 breathing exercises make this free app a great accessory to your training regimen.

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