Kenney (Ken) Myers is first and foremost a Christian, a father of 3 amazing kids, and a husband of an amazing woman (Jolene).

Ken is also an Executive with over 15 years of experience leading companies serving as CFO, CTO, COO, and CEO of several successful business ventures including WhiteFence, CollegeDegrees, CMN, eNannySource, GoNannies, and Morningside Nannies.

  • CARE


    I am very active in the care industry this includes childcare, senior care, pet care, and other types of in-home care services. In addition to running multiple websites and businesses in this industry I also participate in various coalitions and organizational boards.

  • KENS


    Just for fun I like to create lists of Kens that have existed over time. I’m not exactly sure why. Of course, they may be commonly referred to as Ken, Kenny, or Kenneth. There are very few out there like me that go by Kenney which I give all the credit to my parents for making it unique.



    I have been writing poetry for years. Actually, ever since I can remember I have enjoyed expressing myself via prose. From co-writing our high school fight song with my father, to rapping through the halls, and now just expressing my thoughts… It’s a great creative outlet for me.



    I was born into a very strong Christian family. My father is a Presbyterian minister and I can’t thank both him and my mother enough for raising us to be strong believers. This is a huge part of who I am and who I strive to be as a father, husband, leader, and person in general.

Drawings & Videos // This section shows off some of what I do in my spare time from cartoon drawings, caricatures, and various videos including my favorite stop motion iPhone videos.

I will also do my best to represent some of the projects that I am working on through screenshots and photos.

About this Blog // You will find a wide variety of content on my blog. Some of which was mentioned above and other of which will be simply random subjects that catch my attention from time-to-time. I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing on a wide variety of subjects so you never know what might pop up on my blog. Please subscribe to my feed!


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    ultratimeMany people skip their workouts when they travel.  It’s actually a really great excuse to slack off but it can truly be a time to give your body a break as well.  However, let’s assume that most people really just use it as an excuse.  I have heard and thought many times myself about how terrible the equipment is in the hotel “gym”.  They call it a gym but it really is a treadmill and a universal weight machine with one pin (if you are lucky) for adjusting the weight for all the exercises.  You know what though?  In reality you don’t need a gym, you don’t even need weights!  You really just need your body and the right attitude and you can do a tabata workout anywhere!  So whether you are on the road for business, on vacation, or just can’t get to the gym, there is never an excuse to avoid a good workout.

    There are probably a bunch of fancy definitions for a tabata workout but basically it is just interval training with periods of rest and periods of extra hard effort (resting in a working position).  We do these very frequently as a part of our workout routines at our local kickboxing gym.  The best part about it though is you quickly realize that you can get a sweat on with nothing but your body weight.  Here is a tabata workout that you can do anywhere:

    Feel free to do these exercises in any order:


    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Crunches (shoulders off of the floor mid-way don’t cheat and sit all the way up).
    • 10 Seconds of Rest
    • Repeat this 3 times then
    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Crunches
    • 10 Seconds Resting in a Work Position (hold the crunch mid-way up)
    • Repeat this 3 times


    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Push-Ups (all the way down and back up – legs down only if you gas out).
    • 10 Seconds of Rest
    • Repeat this 3 times then
    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Push-Ups
    • 10 Seconds Resting in a Work Position (hold yourself up arms and legs so just the hands and tips of your feet touch the ground).
    • Repeat this 3 times


    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Squats (squat until your bottom is almost touching the back of your legs).
    • 10 Seconds of Rest
    • Repeat this 3 times then
    • 30 Seconds of Non-Stop Squats
    • 10 Seconds Resting in a Work Position (hold the squat mid-way down).
    • Repeat this 3 times

    In 15 minutes you will have gotten your sweat on.  If you didn’t then you need to work harder (do more crunches, push-ups, and squats in the working periods).  You can also do 4 instead of 3 of each round (so 8 total for each exercise instead of 6).  If that still doesn’t work then make the periods longer.  If that still doesn’t work then there is a chance you are superhuman.

    So, you are thinking this is neat and all but how do I keep track of the time for this little workout routine?  I personally use my iPhone and an application called UltraTimer ( to setup my tabata workout.  I like this one because I can easily record my voice telling me what to do throughout the workout.  With that said there are many tabata timers available for iOS and Android users if you search the respective app stores.  You will easily be able to find one that will make working out anywhere using a tabata possible.


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    obesityThe percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate and, according to the medical experts at Nemours Kids Health, one out of every three children is now considered overweight or obese. The emotional and physical toll of obesity can be overwhelming for your child, which is why it is important to help him or her obtain a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight while growing and developing.

    As a parent, you have the ability to influence your child and lead him or her to a healthy path by setting an example with optimal diet and exercise on a daily basis.

    Deciphering the Causes

    An angle of the childhood obesity epidemic that is often overlooked is emotional eating, says Dee McCaffrey, the author of The Science of Skinny and founder of Processed Free America. According to McCaffrey, the obesity itself is the result of emotional eating. “Kids often soothe themselves with food and many factors can drive a child to eat for comfort,” she says.

    This behavior often occurs when a child is unable to identify or express his or her feelings. “They may feel sad or angry because they’re not getting enough attention or love or because their feelings were hurt,” says McCaffrey. “Emotional eating could also stem from something more traumatic, such as their parents’ divorce.”

    In either circumstance, the child doesn’t learn the proper way to deal with stressful situations and instead uses food as a coping mechanism, says McCaffrey.

    Once a child is burdened with obesity, these emotional problems are still in play, but are then exacerbated by additional feelings brought on by his or her excessive weight. “Common among obese children, and in obese people in general, is the sense of isolation and limitation,” says McCaffrey. “Obese children are keenly aware that they are physically different from their peers and that awareness is often subconsciously translated to their psyche.”

    Because they don’t look the same as their slender peers, they may feel that they also don’t measure up in other areas. As a result, obese children are more vulnerable to low self-worth and low self-esteem, says McCaffrey. “Low self-esteem can affect aspects of health and behavior such as social adjustment, engaging in physical activities with their peers and goal direction,” she says. “All of these emotional effects can lead to more eating and fuel the cycle of obesity.”

    Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

    When coping with an obese child, it is very important not to single out the child as having a problem, says McCaffrey. Instead, she suggests taking a family-centered approach. “The child already feels different, so it’s best to make healthy eating and lifestyle changes a family endeavor,” she says.

    It also helps to make sure the entire family becomes educated food shoppers. Take your children along with you to the grocery store and prompt them to read ingredient lists and food labels. To make healthy food choices, parents, nannies and children need to become educated shoppers and adept at reading ingredient lists, says McCaffrey. “We need to think beyond the number of calories a food has and be more concerned with ingredients, many of which have been linked to obesity,” she says.

    Many packaged foods contain ingredients with complicated names that belong in a chemistry lab, not on yours or your child’s plate, says McCaffrey.

    You can also get your child involved in the kitchen by teaching him how to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Watch a cooking show together, take a cooking class together or try new recipes for healthy meals found during a web search, suggests McCaffrey.

    Incorporating exercise into your family’s routine is also crucial, but it shouldn’t be a chore. “Don’t make your child exercise,” warns McCaffrey. Instead, place a positive spin on exercise and use language such as “Let’s play,” “Let’s play basketball,” or “Let’s go bike riding.”

    As much as possible, physical activity should be engaged in as a family. “Encourage your child to find an activity that is fun,” says McCaffrey. “Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity on most, preferably all, days of the week.”

    Most importantly, avoid criticism and promote your child’s self-esteem. “Let your child know that he or she is okay no matter what he or she weighs,” says McCaffrey. “Avoid making them feel guilty about anything they eat or don’t eat and don’t use shaming comments, such as ‘you shouldn’t be eating that.’”

    Shame and guilt should never be associated with food because it can create eating disorders and can negatively affect your child’s self-esteem and willingness to try new foods, says McCaffrey.


    Nemours: KidsHealth

    Dee McCaffrey, Author, Organic Chemist


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    goodsportIt’s common for children to thrive in a competitive environment. Competition can build self-esteem, motivate and teach the reward of hard work. However, when your child is on the losing end of a game, sporting event or classroom activity, the disappointment may not sit well with your little one (or your older one, for that matter).

    Children are not born with an innate ability to be a good sport; instead, sportsmanship is taught through modeling behaviors, strong examples and lessons about how to behave when faced with a disappointing loss.

    Learn how to teach your child to be a good sport through creative lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

    Defining Good Sportsmanship

    In order to teach your child good sportsmanship, it’s important to define it and equate the action to respect. Good sportsmanship is when children, adults, teammates, coaches, officials and opponents treat each other with respect, according to the parenting experts at Nemours KidsHealth.

    “Kids learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and their coaches,” say the Nemours’ child experts. “Kids who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether they win or lose a game.”

    Talk with your children about examples they have witnessed of both good and bad sportsmanship. Discuss scenarios and determine ways you expect your children to behave when faced with a loss or even a win. Even if a child’s example involves an adult displaying poor sportsmanship, it’s important to evaluate how the actions could have been improved.

    Teaching Good Sportsmanship

    It’s no secret that you are the primary model of good sportsmanship for your child. He is watching your every move and looking to you for cues on how to treat others. You can help your child understand the importance of good sportsmanship by expressing small gestures and heroic efforts to illustrate respect.

    According to Nemours KidsHealth, these small gestures include shaking hands with the other teammates and opponents before a game, complimenting other players on their efforts and accepting calls of the game, even if you don’t agree with them.

    It’s important to express to your child that it is not always easy to be a good sport. Let them know that you understand how frustrating it is to lose a game or a contest. When validating their feelings, share examples of how you handled losses or rejection in your life and how you responded gracefully and respectfully.

    These lessons can significantly impact your child’s ability to get along with others throughout his entire life. “A child who practices good sportsmanship is likely to carry the respect and appreciation of other people into every other aspect of life,” say the child experts at Nemours KidsHealth.

    Practicing Good Sportsmanship

    Lessons about how to be a good sport do not have to exclusively happen on the field. In fact, your child can learn much more about sportsmanship at home. Hosting a family game night is a necessary activity to observe your child’s developing sportsmanship and teach expectations.

    According to Marie Hartwell-Walker, licensed psychologist for PsychCentral, family game nights teach children life skills. These skills can help them develop social skills that display respect for others. As your children follow directions, take turns and offer friendly banter with each other, they are learning to read nonverbal cues and learn from errors, says Hartwell-Walker. “Regular game nights give kids practice in these essential skills and provide immediate feedback about what works and what doesn’t,” she says.

    When embarking on family games and activities, Hartwell-Walker warns that parents and nannies must recognize that kids are not born good sports. “They tend to gloat when they win and whine when they lose. Most kids try out cheating at least once, too,” she says. “Games provide opportunities for kids to learn that honest winning feels better and makes better relationships than cheating. They provide a forum for teaching children how to be gracious winners and good losers.”

    In addition to teaching your children about good sportsmanship, giving them the opportunity to compete, communicate and play with family members at home or with friends on the field will help them develop a stronger sense of what it means to be a respectful team player.


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    kenbatesYour 15 minutes of fame have never been easier to achieve these days. YouTube alone has made overnight stars out of virtual unknowns, including pop idol Justin Bieber. Canadian teenagers with dubious fashion sense aren’t the only ones making the news these days, though. The 10 Kens on this list have also managed to find their own claims to fame, and have graced the headlines at some point or another.
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    • Ken Jones – He reported on the Watts riots and the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, but Ken Jones made his own headlines, too. For his news documentary The High Cost of Health Care May Be Hazardous To Your Health, Ken was honored with an Emmy Award in 1967. However, in a cruel twist of fate, Jones would eventually go on to battle bladder cancer in 1992 – he died a year later from the disease, leaving behind his wife Regina, four sons and a daughter.
    • Ken Bates – Former chairman and director of Leeds United FC soccer team, Ken Bates, found himself in hot water over some lavish luxuries he secured in the sale of the club. Bates signed a contract, which included a £100,000 deal with a private jet to fly him to Yorkshire from his home in Monte Carlo. Needless to say, the new owners of the club, GFH Capital, were none too pleased and took Ken to court over the matter, making international news in the process.
    • Ken Gregory – The late manager of Formula One racer Sterling Moss, Ken Gregory was no stranger to making headlines. He made history as the organizer of the first car racing meeting at Brands Hatch. As one of the founders of the British Racing Partnership, Gregory’s success seemed to lag at one point. However, Ken was not dissuaded and continued in his success, both on and off the race track. He later became a successful publisher with popular magazine Cars and Car Conversions.
    • Ken Myer – A prominent figure in Australia, Myer first made significant headlines when he created the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in 1959. He was also heavily involved in the implementation of Chadstone Shopping Centre, as part of his effort to bring easy access to malls and shopping centers to Australian cities. Part of this effort included campaigning for more freeways, which would give Australians living in rural areas more freedom to travel to the bigger cities.
    • Ken Anderson – District Attorney Ken Anderson found himself in court for all the wrong reasons in early 2013. He was accused of three counts of misconduct, including tampering with government records, tampering with physical evidence and failing to comply with a judge’s order to turn over evidence during the 1987 Michael Morton murder trial. Appeals in the case are ongoing.
    • Ken Robinson – Sir Ken Robinson, who counts the Queen of Britain among his personal friends, wasn’t all that well known around the world until his TED Talk on education went viral. So passionate was Robinson’s talk on education that the online video garnered over 8,660,010 views and counting. The talk deals with the negative impact formal education has on creativity, and has long held the rank as TED’s most popular video.
    • Ken Edwards – If you want to make the headlines, do something big and bold. Ken Edwards’ motivation for eating 36 live cockroaches was part of an effort to earn a Guinness World Record; however, he may have bitten off more than he could chew. When cockroaches are threatened, they release a chemical that leaves a nasty taste in the would-be predator’s mouth. It may have been an unpleasant way to make headlines, but it was a successful one.
    • Ken Killmeyer – He survived a tragic accident aboard the USS Forrestal, alongside future presidential hopeful John McCain. The vessel was the Navy’s first supercarrier, and is now decommissioned. Killmeyer was on hand once again when he spoke to reporters about the fate of the Forrestal, as the ship was hauled off by a Texas scrap company for recycling.
    • Justin Jedlica – They say that imitation is the ultimate former of flattery. If that is true, Justin Jedlica is flattering indeed. The young model has paid over $100,000 to have his body and face remodeled, to such an extent that he has been deemed “the real life Ken doll.” Justin made the news when he met real life Barbie; however, all reports indicate that the two did not get along very well.
    • Ken Jordon – The average arrow flies at speeds of around 300 feet per second. So, it’s never a good idea to get in the way of one, unless you happen to be Ken Jordon. A world record holder, Jordon made the headlines when he caught 13 arrows within a two minute time frame. It’s safe to say, he’s either incredibly brave or incredibly insane. Either way, he made big news around the world for his efforts.

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    kendarnellThe job market is tough at the moment, so if you want to land the perfect career, you’d better broaden your horizons. These 10 Kens weren’t afraid to take a chance on an unusual occupation, and now they are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Ken Darnell – A snake handler from Alabama, Ken Darnell has the unenviable job of milking the snakes under his charge. If you’re imagining that snakes have tiny little udders for milking, you’d be wrong. The milking referred to in this case involves pressing the snake’s fangs against the side of a beaker, allowing the handler to gather venom for use in anti-venom treatments.
    • Ken Doyle – The difference between Ken Doyle and the average safe cracker is often the prize he retrieves. Doyle specializes in unlocking all kinds of safes – large vaults in particular. What’s more, the valuables in the safes that Ken cracks are sometimes people. Ken has rescued everyone from small children to senior citizens, and all at a relatively low cost of around $9,000, compared to up to $100,000 for other methods.
    • Ken Lindsay – If you like a drop of whiskey, this might just be the job for you. Ken Lindsay is the International Whisky Ambassador for Ballantine’s. The job involves learning and employing advanced tasting techniques for whiskey, and then jet-setting around the world promoting the product. Don’t go applying for the role just yet, though. With Ballantine’s ranked as the No 1 Scotch whiskey in Europe, Lindsay is obviously doing a good job.
    • Kenneth Muller – Since the 19th century, the use of leeches in medicine has been steadily on the increase. The blood suckers were originally used to draw out blood and infection before being discredited among most physicians, but now neurobiologists, such as Kenneth Muller, are conducting studies on the creatures, too. Muller has studied the nervous systems of leeches extensively, and has authored a number of scientific journals on the subject.
    • Ken Cavers – Everyone knows doctors have the worst handwriting, so you may find it strange that Dr. Ken Cavers lucrative hobby is designing exclusive fountain pens. Dr. Cavers has become world famous for his fountain pens, including one model that is designed in the shape of a bamboo stalk. Ken Cavers Custom Pens start off at a whopping $105, making them more of a luxury purchase, rather than something you would buy a child for school.
    • Ken Suzuki – Before you jump to wild conclusions, be aware that Ken Suzuki’s occupation is not as it sounds. Chick sexing is the process of separating male and female chicks after they hatch, and Ken is an expert in his field – or coop, if you prefer. Sadly, there is usually a mass culling of the males, as they are not able to provide eggs for the farmer. Since coming to the United States as a specialist chick sexer, Ken has moved on to growing Japanese organic vegetables and has established a rather lucrative trade.
    • Kenneth Catania – Worm grunting, or charming, is not something that Kenneth Catania ever studied while achieving his Ph.D in biology, but he is now an expert on the subject. Catania was invited to study the phenomenon by the Barrie’s Grace United Church, who effectively rub metal on spikes driven into the ground to lure the worms closer to the surface. The sound, Dr. Catania concluded, mimics that of moles deep underground, scaring the worms into action.
    • Kenneth Peters – As one of the whale trainers at Sea World Florida, Kenneth Peters puts his life on the line every day. Peters found out just how dangerous the whales he trains could be when 23-year-old Kasatka, a female whale, grabbed him by the leg and tried to toss him out of the pool. Peters was rescued by another trainer and escaped relatively unharmed.
    • Ken Flournoy – He’s the general manager of the Florida-based International Golf Co., a company that harvests golf balls for resell. Flournoy heads up a team who rescues golf balls from all sorts of predicaments, before selling them off to a good home. The company employs “golf ball divers,” who search areas surrounding courses, including rivers and oceans, for the coveted treasure.
    • Ken Gidney – Who would have thought that there’d be so much money in catching ants? Well, Ken Gidney has amassed a fortune of over £1.4million doing just that. He first started his career as an ant catcher in 1956 for a manufacturer of ant farms and has been raking in the cash ever since.

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    kendollSome people are just made for the camera, and they know it. When you have the kind of face people want to see again and again, the entertainment industry is not a bad career path to choose. However, not everyone who courts the camera does so out of vanity. Some of the most photographed people in history find themselves in front of the camera simply because of who they are and their contributions to society. These 10 Kens have been photographed thousands of times, although they are all in the public eye for completely different reasons.

    • Ken Carson – He may live in the shadow of his better half, Barbie, but Ken “doll” Carson has had his fair share of the limelight. With his sharp, chiseled good looks, the Ken doll is instantly recognizable all over the world. In fact, type the name Ken into Google image search and the jet-setting doll all but dominates the results page.
    • Ken Wilber – As a noted public speaker and author, Ken Wilber is no stranger to posing in front of a camera. His book A Brief History of Everything propelled Ken into the public eye and set the stage for a successful career in public speaking. Wilder’s theories on human spirituality and psychology are celebrated the world over.
    • Kenneth K.P. Guidroz – The next time you see a male model on a billboard, you may just be gazing upon the body and face of Kenneth K.P. Guidroz. The young male model is a hot property in the advertising industry, and has modeled for the clothing, sports and motor-vehicle industries. Ken also aspires to become an actor, and with a face that’s made for the big screen, he’s sure to go places.
    • Ken Carter – The late Ken Carter was a Canadian stunt driver, who sadly lost his life during a second attempt to jump a pond in Peterborough, Ontario. During his career, Carter provided opportunities for some of the most spectacular photographs ever taken. Carter kept audiences on the edge of their seats as he took his vehicles to ever increasing speeds and heights until his death in 1983.
    • Kenneth Branagh – The world’s most famous thespian named Ken, Branagh is used to being photographed everywhere he goes. Although he is best known for his on-screen roles, Kenneth Branagh is never more comfortable than when he is on stage. The actor’s Shakespearian roles are his crowning achievement, and continue to draw large audiences to theaters across the globe.
    • Justin Jedlica – He has been dubbed the living Ken doll, which gives Justin Jedlica plenty of opportunities to pose for the camera. The young model has spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery in an effort to achieve the perfect look. However, his recent feud with the real life Barbie has, perhaps, brought Justin more attention than he ever expected. Rumor has it that upon meeting, the two models took an instant dislike to each other. The feud is still raging on, with the title for most photogenic real life doll on the line.
    • Ken Dodd – With a career that spans decades, British Comedian Ken Dodd is used to the bright lights of the stage. Before there were smartphones, Dodd was playing shows where audiences would smuggle in cameras with huge battery packs and attachable flashes to match. Things have changed, but Ken Dodd still has audiences rolling in the aisles at his sellout shows. That’s not bad at all for a man in his 80s.
    • Ken Shamrock – Having spent time performing for audiences in both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, Ken Shamrock has always been front and center for photo opportunities. Labeled the most dangerous man in the world, Shamrock is an ex-UFC champion and MMA Hall of Famer. Though he is now retired from the fighting game, Ken is still involved in the sport as a presenter and pundit.
    • Kenneth “K.K.” Downing – He is a founding member of legendary rock band, Judas Priest. K.K. Downing knows how to own the stage, thrilling fans and sending them home with treasured photographs of a rocking night of entertainment. Kenneth is also a Grammy winner, and currently describes himself as “semi-retired.”
    • Reginald Kenneth Dwight – When your name is Elton John, you can’t expect to go anywhere without a well-informed paparazzi nipping at your heels. Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Elton John is without a doubt one of the most photographed Kens in history. Judging by his flamboyant outfits and on-stage antics, Elton certainly seems to appreciate the attention.

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    kennyhamiltonIn the Twitterverse, it’s all about how many followers you have. Some of the most successful people on Twitter use humor as a way to keep their followers engaged. However, before you start thinking you’re going to become the next famous Twitter comedian, you should know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. With only 140 characters or less to work with, you need to keep your tweets short and succinct, while leaving enough room for the punch-line. These 10 Kens have mastered the art, so make sure to check them out for your daily does of Twitter comedy gold.

    • Kenny Hamilton – Justin Bieber’s former bodyguard and now road manager, Kenny Hamilton, had this to say recently on Twitter; “Last time KobeBryant took 8 months off he was in the womb!” Obviously, Kenny’s talents stretch beyond being the hired muscle for young Bieber, as when he’s not posting funny tweets, he’s the right-hand man to the world’s most famous pop star.
    • Ken Jennings – If it’s not good enough that he’s the recipient of the longest winning streak on Jeopardy and is a successful writer, Ken Jennings, it seems, has a sense of humor too. He often posts gems like this for his adoring followers: “Look you can spell yeah as “ya” in texts & emails if you want. Just like I can forever imagine you talking in Swedish Chef voice if I want.”
    • Ken Rogerson – Comedian Ken Rogerson is a keen observer of life, and often shares the funnier side of the news on his Twitter account. When a 73-year-old woman was caught selling marijuana, Ken couldn’t resist having a dig with this gem: “73 yr old woman busted for selling pot. Mommy says smoking is bad for your health Grandma. Why are you laughing?”
    • Ken Freedman – DJ Ken Freedman is a professional cynic, which is clearly evident from this tweet: “Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies locked inside the walk-in freezer.”
    • Ken Baker – Who better to ask for a critique of dairy treats than Ken Baker, fashion writer for ENews? Baker often shares his views on fame, fashion and weight loss via his Twitter account. However, he took time out to enjoy the finer things in life, with this profound observation; “This whipped cream would be a lot edgier if it were called “whooped” cream.”
    • Ken Anderson – You can always trust a pro-wrestler to court controversy. Ken Anderson is constantly on hand to provoke a reaction, but the wink at the end is to let you know that he’s really not such a heel. Or is he? “It’s so freakin cold in the Midwest right now that I just saw a gaggle of liberals walking with their hands in their OWN pockets! ;) ba dump.” No actual liberals were body-slammed in the writing of this tweet.
    • Ken Davis – Comedian Ken Davis has some valuable advice for his followers. “I learned a life changing lesson today. Do not keep your earplugs in the same pocket as your vitamins.” If that left a bad taste in your mouth, don’t worry, Ken’s act is strictly tongue in cheek.
    • Ken Garr – They make you laugh and brighten up your day, but comedians are also on hand to provide product and service reviews in 140 characters or less. Ken Garr shares his appraisal of Frontier Airlines with his Twitter followers: “I think they call it frontier airlines because they used these planes to settle the frontier.”
    • Ken McGraw – If you ever find that you can’t quite articulate what you’re feeling, take a page out of Ken McGraw’s book. He certainly has a way with words, as is evident in this hilarious self-evaluation; “If my self-esteem had a sound…It would be the last slurp of a strawberry milkshake on a Saturday night.”
    • deKenstruction – He does voice overs, is self-effacing and is an all-round funny guy. So don’t take this tweet from deKenstruction too seriously. “The amount of time it takes you to turn off the garbage disposal once it’s obvious that you’re grinding a fork is all the IQ test I need.”

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    Streaming video online may be the wave of the future, but it hasn’t quite replaced the television just yet. Chances are, you still spend quite a bit of time relaxing in front of the TV, even if you’re a fan of online video and Internet entertainment. When it comes to TV talent, there seems to be a surfeit of gifted stars named Ken. These are 10 Kens who share not only an exceptional first name, but also the experience of making it a household name after appearing on television.

    • Ken James – An Australian actor whose career began in the 1960s, Ken James has done turns as the star of children’s shows, sitcoms and televised dramas. He also reinvented himself as a television chef, a stint that lasted more than a decade, regularly appeared on Good Morning Australia, and was actively involved in the marketing of a kitchen implement. In 2009, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but he’ll always be more famous for his television work than his battle with cancer.
    • Ken Wahl – Most popular for his role on the now-defunct CBS crime drama Wiseguy, Ken Wahl is something of an enigma himself. His true birth date remains something of a mystery to this day, as does his back story before reaching the big leagues of television fame. These days, he’s an outspoken animal activist and vocal supporter of disabled American military veterans.
    • Ken Lawson – While he’s worked as a rapper, Kenyatta “Ken” Lawson is most well-known for his work on sitcoms like In The House and The Parkers. He took a step back from acting in 2004 to pursue his musical career, but he definitely made his mark on the world of pop culture through his early days in television.
    • Ken Jeong – Ken Jeong began his career as a physician and professor at North Carolina A&T State University, graduating from high school at the prodigious age of 16. Working in medicine didn’t earn this famous Ken his notoriety, though. He made his television debut on The Big Easy as a doctor, and has since appeared on shows like Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office. These days, you’ll see him staring as Senor Chang on the wildly popular sitcom Community.
    • Ken Jennings – It’s safe to say that Ken Jennings made his mark on television history when he set the records for both the longest winning streak on Jeopardy! and the most prize-money earnings in American history. A graduate of Brigham Young University and a computer scientist by trade, Ken Jennings has racked up millions of dollars by putting his super-powered knowledge of trivia to work on television game shows.
    • Ken Dodd – As a chart-topping singer/songwriter and comedian, Ken Dodd is famous for many things. His unique hairstyle, buck teeth and affection for feather dusters have all attributed to his fame, but his run of successful British television shows has put him on the global map of fame.
    • Ken Maynard – A beloved stuntman and actor whose movies still run on television decades after his death, Ken Maynard had the role of “cowboy” down to a science. He appeared in more than 90 films over the span of his career, but his struggles with addiction brought his run to an early end. A mysterious benefactor, widely believed to be Gene Autry, supported him through a quarter-century without work before he passed away of stomach cancer in 1973.
    • Ken Kercheval – There was a time when it seemed like the sudsy prime time hit Dallas was the only show on television, and this man was at the center of the action from day one. Ken Kercheval and his Dallas costar Larry Hagman were the only two original cast members to stay throughout the entire run of the show, reprising his role in reunion specials and the 2012 reboot of the show.
    • Ken Seeley – Climbing from the depths of addiction to reclaim sobriety is no mean feat. Doing so only to find yourself at the top of the entertainment world as a leading interventionist on the Emmy-winning A&E hit show Intervention is an even higher level of achievement. Seeley even received a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in 2011, and continues his work in television as an addiction specialist.
    • Kenny Wormald – A dancer and choreographer who has worked with superstars like Justin Timberlake, this Ken is no stranger to the small-screen limelight. Starring in reality programming before making the jump to made-for-television movies with the film Center Stage: Turn it Up, Kenny Wormald was also the male lead in the 2011 reboot of the 1980s dance classic Footloose.

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    kenlevineThe unsung heroes of the Internet are bloggers who, through their tireless efforts to deliver quality content, provide information and entertainment on any subject you can call to mind. These bloggers work extremely hard to build up an audience. For many, there is no financial incentive for doing so, only the love of sharing their passion with the reader. These 10 bloggers, in particular, are blessed with both a talent for communication and the name Ken.

      • Ken Levine – This Emmy Award winning comedy writer loves to blog. He has worked on The Simpsons, Mash, Everybody Loves Raymond and many more household shows, yet still finds the time to entertain fans on his blog. Levine’s blog was also named one of the 25 best blogs by Time Magazine in 2011.
      • Ken Wilson – As one of the world’s best English language teachers, Ken Wilson has created courses and given talks across the globe. Wilson, up until 2002, held the position of artistic director of the English Teaching Theatre. He now blogs on ELT and teaches classes with his wife, Dede, often incorporating theatrical performances into his lessons.
      • Ken Wilber – A world renowned writer and philosopher on subjects such as mysticism, philosophy and ecology, Ken Wilber is a busy man. However, he still manages to find time to dedicate to his blog, where readers will find posts on such fascinating subjects as understanding Integral Theory and experiments in vision. Wilber’s blog is heavy reading, much like all of his work, so make sure to set aside a few hours to really benefit from the experience.
      • Ken Jennings – The award winning player of Jeopardy, Ken Jennings, has a blog. Jennings once held the record for longest winning streak on Jeopardy, with 72 wins. So great was Jennings’ streak on the show that the production company actually implemented changes to give new players a better chance against successful contestants.
      • Ken Stevens – This blog has a Google page rank of three, which is pretty good for what amounts to a personal blog. The “Grumpy Old Ken” has over 1,100 followers, all of who get to benefit from Stevens’ daily and often humorous takes on modern life. Ken is also an author of popular eBooks, including his recent title, A Childhood Revisited. He writes both fiction and non-fiction with flair that has endeared him to his many fans and followers.
      • Ken Ilgunas – Try to keep up, because this Ken is on the move. Ilgunas started blogging in 2009 to document his travels. However, he has since authored a book, Walden on Wheels, and graduated from Duke University. Ken continues to document his travels, including a 1,700 mile walk along the Keystone XL pipeline route. As this young man continues his journey, you can be sure that he will have many more tales to share about his travels.
      • Ken Ham – He is one of the most controversial figures in the fight to have creationism recognized in world education, and Ken Ham is never at a loss for words. As he travels around the world, Ham documents his experiences on his blog. Ken also uses his blog to promote the Creation Museum, a subject that, as a founder, he is extremely passionate about.
      • Ken Albala – He has authored books with such colorful titles as, Eating Right in the Renaissance, Food in Early Modern Europe and Cooking in Europe 1250-1650. Albala’s reputation as food historian has earned him one of the highest spots on Google, with a page rank of five. This is a food blog like no other, and Ken’s unique passion for each strange and wonderful dish is what keeps his readers coming back for more.
      • Ken Segall – There are few bloggers who have as much authority when it comes to technology as Ken Segall. The author of this blog is one of the leading experts on both Apple and NeXT. He also has a book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success, which was featured on the New York Times best seller list.
      • Ken Schwaber – Just as his blog tagline suggests, Ken Schwaber “tells it like it is.” The particular “is” in question, is software development. Schwaber is privy to many of the developments in the industry, having worked with companies such as Microsoft and as one of the developers of the ‘Scrum’ process, a method of helping companies develop better software products. His blog is ranked five on Google, while the comes in at a whopping page rank of six.



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    kenosmondMany child stars never see a career as adults, and those who do often struggle to cope with the pressures of stardom. To add insult to injury, fame can be fleeting for a child star. One day you’re on the big screen, and the next you’re struggling to pay the rent. These 10 Kens were famous as kids and, thankfully, lived to tell the tale.

    • Ken Osmond –  Everyone knows him as Eddie Haskell from the 50s comedy Leave It to Beaver, but what few know is that Ken Osmond was acting from the age of four. After a series of roles in TV and film, a 14-year-old Osmond landed the role in Leave it to Beaver. It is this role he is most remembered for, but it was also a role that would lead to him being typecast for the rest of his career.
    • Ken Roczen – This teenage BMX and dirt bike rider hails from Germany, and is one of the youngest riders ever to earn a place in the Red Bull Motor Sports competition. He is a highly motivated and talented rider, which has earned him numerous podium spots in the sport. Ken’s dream is simply to dominate the sport and continue to win races.
    • Ken Amada – Persona 3 is a highly popular role playing game that surrounds the lives of high-school students who battle monsters known as shadows. Ken Amada is one of the central characters, capable of taking on two personas – Nemesis and Kala-Nemi. The game series is set during the year 2009 in a fictitious Japanese city.
    • Kenny Loggins – As a world class soft rock and country star, Kenny Loggins has been in the limelight for a lot longer than even some big fans realize. Shortly after graduating from high school, Loggins’s first band, Second Helping, enjoyed some success. They released three singles under the record label Viva Records.
    • Kenneth Anger – A Hollywood child, Ken Anger featured in a number of films in his younger years. However, Anger was more suited to a role behind the camera, which eventually led him to the director’s chair. Due to their graphic nature, his movies did not go over well with American audiences. He later went on to write a series of successful books on “the real” Hollywood, entitled Hollywood Babylon.
    • Elton John – Not only was Reginald Kenneth Dwight an exceptional piano player by the age of four, he formed his first successful band by the time he had turned 14. That band was the Corvettes, which was later renamed Bluesology. By 1961, the band was playing alongside greats like Ray Charles.
    • Ken Baumann – He hasn’t even reached the age of 25, and already Ken Baumann has carved out a career as both an actor and a director. He has been acting since the age of 11, however, his most famous role is that of Ben Boykewich in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. These days, Ben is now in his 20s, although he still plays a teen on the show.
    • Kenneth Leslie – Born in 1892, Kenneth Leslie became a child prodigy by the time he was 14. He was proficient in playing both the violin and piano, his talent for poetry was apparent, and he was soon recognized by prominent schools in his home country of Canada. Amazingly, Leslie also attended the Dalhousie University in Halifax at 14. In the 1930s, Kenneth was a prominent political activist in the United States, but he had a troubled personal life and racked up four failed marriages by the late 1950s, when his fourth wife left him for his own nephew.
    • Ken Doll – The eternal teenager, Ken Carson is the long-time significant other of the popular doll, Barbie. Ken has had a colorful life, taking on the roles of pirate, disco dancer, businessman and much more. The popular couple has gone through a number of changes throughout the years, but Ken has always managed to maintain his perfectly chiseled features and cheeky smile.
    • Ken Park – Despite being the titular character of the film Ken Park, Ken Park meets a grisly end by suicide in the opening scenes of this teenage buddy flick. The movie centers on the lives of Ken’s three friends as they struggle to cope with his death. Ken Park is a dark, erotic drama, which attempts to deal with various subplots in the lives of the teenage friends.

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